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openSUSE 11 Tutorial

openSUSE 11 is the latest version of Novell’s community-based Linux distribution. author, Bobby Rogers, takes you from installation through configuration and on to using and enjoying this versatile, solid operating system. During this course, you’ll learn: how to install and securely configure openSUSE 11 for home use, how to use it in a networked environment, how to use openSUSE for productivity, and securely use it on the Internet. You’ll also learn how to enjoy the rich features built-in to openSUSE, to include multimedia, graphics, and even games. This course will also help you to decide why Linux is right for you! To begin learning, simply click the movie links.


Course Outline

Introduction to openSUSE 11

Intro to openSUSE 11
What You Can Do With openSUSE 11
Installing openSUSE pt. 1
Installing openSUSE pt. 2
Installing openSUSE pt. 3
Installing openSUSE pt. 4
Wrapping Up

System Configuration & Maintenance

System Management with YaST pt. 1
System Management with YaST pt. 2
Updating Your Software in YaST pt. 1
Updating Your Software in YaST pt. 2
Installing Software With RPM & Zypper

Managing Users & Groups

Managing Users & Groups in YasT
Managing Users at the Command Line
Special Roles - Using sudo & su
Basic Concepts of Permissions
Configuring the User Environment

Configuring Hardware

Hardware Configuration in Linux
USB Devices
Sound Cards
Wireless Network Cards
Video Cards & Monitors

Networking in openSUSE

Network Configuration Tools
Basic Network Configuration
Configuring a Wired Network
Configuring a Wireless Network pt. 1
Configuring a Wireless Network pt. 2

Working with Media

Configuring Media Support
Playing Audio
Working With CDs & DVDs
Pictures & Video Media

Productivity in openSUSE

Productivity in openSUSE
OpenOffice pt. 1
OpenOffice pt. 2
Graphics Tools
Utilities & Other Productivity Tools

Internet & Email

Using Firefox pt. 1
Using Firefox pt. 2
Using Email in openSUSE pt. 1
Using Email in openSUSE pt. 2
Other Internet Programs
Protection from Internet Threats pt. 1
Protection from Internet Threats pt. 2

Using openSUSE With Windows

Sharing Files With Windows
Demonstration: Sharing Files With Windows
Joining an Active Directory Domain
Running Windows Applications Using WINE
Dual Booting With Windows pt. 1
Dual Booting With Windows pt. 2

Network Services

File Services pt. 1
File Services pt. 2
DHCP Services
DNS Services
Directory Services

openSUSE Security - Part 1

Configuring openSUSE for Security
Using openSUSE Securely pt. 1
Using openSUSE Securely pt. 2
Demonstration: Configuring Security
More about Permissions pt. 1
More about Permissions pt. 2
Demonstration: Configuring Permissions
Secure Internet Use pt. 1
Secure Internet Use pt. 2

openSUSE Security - Part 2

Firewall Configuration in openSUSE pt. 1
Firewall Configuration in openSUSE pt. 2
Configuring AppArmor
Security Configuration Files pt. 1
Security Configuration Files pt. 2
Security Configuration Files pt. 3
Network Security With openSUSE

Course Wrap Up

Wrap Up

About the Author

About the Author

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