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openSUSE 10.3 Tutorial

openSUSE 10.3 is Novell’s latest update of the popular Linux distribution. Both user friendly and feature-packed, it is the ideal distribution for novices and experienced users alike. openSUSE can help you make the transition from proprietary operating systems or even other Linux distributions because of its ease of use, rich features, and adherence to open, compatible standards. It’s a scalable operating system that can be used as a home system, desktop workstation, or dedicated network server. Experienced instructor and avid openSUSE user Bobby Rogers can help you understand the ins and outs of openSUSE and make you productive quickly on this great operating system. To begin learning simply click the links.

Introduction & Course Outline

Introduction & Course Outline

Introduction To openSUSE Linux

Introduction To Linux
Overview of openSUSE Linux
Cross-Platform Integration & Value

Installing openSUSE Linux

Installation Methods & Preparation
Installing openSUSE Pt.1
Installing openSUSE Pt.2
Installing openSUSE Pt.3
Installing openSUSE Pt.4

Popular Desktops

About Linux Destops
GNome Desktop
KDE Desktop
Other Desktops

System Configuration & Management

Configuring & Managing Your System
Basic System Management Tasks
Installing Applications
Updating openSUSE
Advanced Systems Configuration Pt.1
Advanced Systems Configuration Pt.2

Configuring Hardware on openSUSE

Configuring Hardware with YasT
Setting up Monitors & Graphics Cards
Setting up Printers
Setting up Sound Cards
Setting up Other Peripherals
Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

Configuring Networking on openSUSE

Configuring Network Settings
Configuring Wireless Networking
Configuring Network Services
Configuring Firewall Settings

Managing Users & Groups

How Users & Groups work in Linux
Managing Users & Groups with YaST
Managing users & Groups with Command Line
Configuring Authentication Methods

Using Applications

Applications in openSUSE
OpenOffice.org Suite

Configuring Server Services Part One

General Server Configuration
Configuring a DHCP Server Pt.1
Configuring a DHCP Server Pt.2
Configuring a DNS Server
Configuring Samba
Configuring NFS

Configuring Server Services Part Two

Configuring NIS
Configuring an Apache Web Server Pt.1
Configuring an Apache Web Server Pt.2
Configuring a FTP server Pt.1
Configuring a FTP server Pt.2

Configuring openSUSE User Security

File Permissions Pt.1
File Permissions Pt.2
File Permissions Pt.3
Using the 'root' Account Pt.1
Using the 'root' Account Pt.2
Other User Security Measures

Configuring openSUSE System Security

AppArmor Pt.1
AppArmor Pt.2
Advanced Firewall Configuration Pt.1
Advanced Firewall Configuration Pt.2
Hardening the System
System Integrity

Advanced Systems Management Topics

Monitoring on openSUSE Pt.1
Monitoring on openSUSE Pt.2
Logging on openSUSE Pt.1
Logging on openSUSE Pt.2
Disaster Recovery Pt.1
Disaster Recovery Pt.2
XEN Virtualization

Best Practices with openSUSE Linux

Best Installation Practices
Best Administration Practices
Best Security Practices

Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

About The Author

About the Author

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