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discreet cleaner XL Tutorial

To keep up with today's delivery standards, multimedia professionals must understand multiple aspects of compression and delivery formats. They must also be able to compress files quickly and make adjustments to multiple aspects easily. The ability to color correct, adjust size, or even remove noise from audio is essential. With drag and drop ease, enhanced performance, over 180 professional pre-set and customizable output profiles, and support for Windows Media® 9, QuickTime® 6, MPEG-4 and Kinoma™, it's no wonder why discreet® cleaner® XL for Microsoft® Windows® is the choice for multimedia professionals. author, Brian "Maxx" Lewis, covers the spectrum of cleaner XL settings and features, providing insight on managing workflow, setting frame rates and keyframes, audio and video filtering, as well as the pros and cons of familiar codecs. To get started today, simply click on one of the cleaner XL lessons.


About Cleaner XL
About this Training
Using the Sample Files

Audio-Video Basics

Encoding Basics
Frame Size
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Frame Rate pt. 1
Frame Rate pt. 2
Bit Depth
Audio/Video Bit Rates
Interlaced vs. Progressive
Video Compression

Getting Started

The Interface
Setting Up a Job
Using Metadata
Multifile Sources
Output Profiles
Encoder Settings

Structure of the Encoder

The Menu System
Input Profiles and Templates
The Default Template
Using Job Templates
Preference Settings pt. 1
Preference Settings pt. 2


Managing Jobs
Global Numeric Cropping
Manual Cropping
Deinterlacing Methods pt. 1
Deinterlacing Methods pt. 2
Monitor Window Scrubbing
Previewing Output
Monitor Window Features

Producing Good Results

Comparing Audio Codecs
Keyframes in Cleaner XL
Quality Settings
Reaching the Best Results pt. 1
Reaching the Best Results pt. 2
Choosing Images Sizes

Encoding in Cleaner XL

Modifying Encoder Settings
Saving Encoder Settings
QuickTime 6 Settings
Real Encoding Settings
Windows Media Settings
Audio/Video Filters
Output Destinations

Monitoring Your Jobs

The Job Queue Window
Submit to Job Queue
Job Logs and History
The Job Output Section

MPEG-4 and MP3

About MPEG-4 in XL
Overview of MPEG-4
MPEG-4 Encoder Settings pt. 1
MPEG-4 Encoder Settings pt. 2
MPEG-4 Example
MP3 Audio-only
MP4 Audio-only

MPEG-1 and MPEG-2

MPEG in Cleaner XL
MPEG Video Settings
MPEG Audio Settings
MPEG Stream Types
CBR and VBR Modes
A DVD Example pt.1
A DVD Example pt.2
An MPEG-1 Example
VCD and SVCD Discs

Windows Media

Windows Media Overview
WM Encoder Settings
Windows Media Codecs
WM Advanced Settings
A Windows Media Example
WM Intelligent Streams pt. 1
WM Intelligent Streams pt. 2
Best Settings for Windows Media

Real System

Real Overview
Real Encoder Settings
Real Audio Codecs
A Single Rate
Best Settings for Real


QuickTime Overview
QuickTime Encoder Settings
QuickTime Advanced Options
Sorenson Video 3 pt. 1
Sorenson Video 3 pt. 2
Best Settings for QuickTime

Audio and Video Filters:

Essential Video Filters pt. 1
Essential Video Filters pt. 2
More Video Filters
Video Fades and Watermarks
Audio Filter Workflow
Essential Audio Filters
Noise Reduction
Other Audio Filters

Special Encoding

Watch Folders in XL pt. 1
Watch Folders in XL pt. 2
Flash Video (FLV)
AVI Encoding pt.1
AVI Encoding pt.2
WAV Encoding
Kinoma Encoding
Other Encoding Formats

Tutorial "Wrap up"



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