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Quicken Deluxe 2001 Tutorial

Quicken Deluxe 2001 is a financial management program that can easily help simplify your life. It is a helpful tool for tracking your banking activities, researching investments, preparing tax returns, planning for the future, and tracking your spending habits. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, Linda Young is your guide in setting up your own personal financial center where you can manage multiple bank and credit card accounts, bank online, invest online, apply for a loan, and set up reports and graphs of where your money is. Learn all of this and much more! To get started today, simply click one of the topics below.

Getting Started

System Requirements
Install Quicken
Starting Quicken
Internet Set Up
Register Your Version
Quick Set-Up Guide
Express Tour
Customize Toolbar
Customize View
Change Color Scheme
Before We Begin

My Finances Centre

About the Centre
General Options
More General Options
Available Items
Create New View

Activity Centers

Planning Centre
Reports & Graphs


Quicken.com Tour
Synchronize Accounts
View Accounts
Customize Quicken Center

Account Set-up

Types of Accounts
Banking & Cash Accounts
Investment Account
Household Account
Editing Accounts

Setting Up Lists

Assign Categories
Assign Class
Editing Lists
Address Book Setup

Managing Your Accounts

Entering Transactions
Transferring Funds
Delete Transactions
Finding Transactions
Setting Options
Register Options
QuickFill Option
Printing Registers
Alert Setup
Snooze Alerts

Foreign Currencies

Multiple Currencies
Foreign Currencies
Transferring Money
Update Exchange Rates
Change Home Currency
Add a Currency
Delete a Currency
Enter Service Charge
Foreign Investments

Banking Services

Getting Started
Writing Checks
Printer Setup
Printing Checks
Ordering Checks
Paying with Credit Cards
Memorized Transactions
Edit Memorized Transactions
Scheduled Transactions
Edit Scheduled Transactions
Credit Reports
Quicken Credit Card
Pay Check Setup

Online Banking

How It Works
Visit Online Banks
Enable Account
Account Features
Create Payee List
Online Bill Payment
Scheduling Payments
Download Activity
Online E-mail
Security Issues
Password Setup

Reconciling an Account

About Reconciling
Reconcile an Account
Editing Transactions
Adding Transactions
Setting Options


Account Setup
Online Investing
Investment Register
Download Transactions
Buy Shares
Sell Shares
Record Income Event
Reinvest Income
Transfer Cash
Employee Stock Option
Research Stocks
Edit Information
Update Securities

Household Finance

Asset Account Setup
Liability Account Setup
New Loan Setup: Part 1
New Loan Setup: Part 2
Edit Loan
Home Inventory
Enter Inventory
Emergency Records Organizer
Insurance Quotes: Part 1
Insurance Quotes: Part 2

More Household Services

Home Analysis
Buying A New Home
Applying for a Loan
Other Services


Set Up Tax Schedule
Tax Planner
Assign Tax Form Lines
Deduction Finder
Itemized Dedications
Taxes With Holding
Turbo Tax
Online Tax Resources

Planning Ahead

Life Event Planning: Part I
Life Event Planning: Part 2
Plan For College
Special Purchases
Other Planners
Planning Assumptions
Planning Resources
Find Financial Planner
Financial Calculators

Report/ Graph Construction

Easy Answer Reports
Customize Report/Graph
Change Set-up
Print Report
Types of Reports

Getting Help

Quicken Help
Help Index
Customize Help
View Current Window
Technical Support
More Help
Backup Files


About the Author

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