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Quicken 2008 Tutorial

Quicken 2008 is one of the most popular financial management software programs on the market. Geared toward the home user or small service related business, it gives users the ability to record expenses, track income, create budgets, manage finances and much more. In this VTC course, veteran trainer Lauri Matson, teaches users how to set up accounts, categories, and online services; manage finances including accounts, investments, assets and loans. Learn how to track business income and expenses, bank reconciliations, and other vital bookkeeping tasks. Work Files are included. To get started learning Quicken 2008, simply click on one of the movie links.


Quicken Course Objectives
When to Use Quicken
Choosing a Version

Getting Started

Creating a File with the Guided Setup

Setting up Quicken

Getting Around in Quicken
The Essentials
The Quicken Layout

Customizing Your Screen

Customizing Your Toolbars
Understanding Views
Other Items for Customization

The Fundamentals of Accounting

Understanding the File Structure
Startup Plan: Follow the Phases


Types of Accounts
Setting Up Your Accounts pt. 1
Setting Up Your Accounts pt. 2
Editing Your Accounts

Understanding Transactions

Entering Transactions
Modify & Delete Transactions
QuickFills & Preferences

Managing Your Data

Finding & Viewing Transactions
Setting Up Options

Scheduling Transactions & Tasks

Scheduled Transactions
Creating & Editing Transactions Schedules

Categories & Lists

Understanding Categories & Lists
Assigning to Transactions
Modifying & Merging

Reviewing your Activity

Track & Plan Spending
Keeping Cash Flow Current

Investing Basics

Overview of the Center
Using the Portfolio
Adding New Securities
Entering Data with the Transactions Button


Writing & Printing Checks
Credit Cards
Online Services for Credit Cards

Working with Credit Cards

Managing Transactions
Payments & Modifications
Reconciling Credit Card Accounts

Bank Accounts

Transferring Between Accounts
Tracking Activity Reports
Reconciling Accounts

Online Activities

Online Advantages
The Online Center’s Account Access
Web Entry & Quicken Bill Pay

Reminders & Schedules

Setting Up Alerts
Deleting & Suspending

Reports & Graphs

Viewing Reports
Managing Saved Reports
Graphs / Snapshots / Easy Answers
Attaching Documentation

Tax Overview

Setting Up Schedules
Synchronizing with Other Tax Programs

Budgets & Planning

An Overview
Setting a Savings Goal
Creating Budgets
Other Features

Quicken at Home

Property & Debt
Entering Assets & Liabilities
Your Household Inventory

More On Investment

Securities & Accounts pt. 1
Securities & Accounts pt. 2
Staying Current – Transactions
Monitoring Your Portfolio
Asset Allocation & Rebalancing

Quicken in Business

Overview of Business Features
Customer Invoices & Income
Estimates & Direct Deposit
Expenses & Bill Paying
Sales Tax & Reports

The Address Book

Setting Up the Address Book
Importing Data
Best Practices

Working With the Internet

The Internet Connection
Internet Security
Error Recovery

Foreign Currencies

Working with Foreign Currencies
Updating Rates & Investments

Protecting Your Data

Local & Online Backups
Making a Copy of Your File

Shortcut & Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts
Quick Tips

Getting Support

The He|p Menu
Technical Support


Wrap Up
About the Author

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