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QuickStart! - Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Tutorial

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 boasts some impressive new features, especially when it comes to developing content for mobile platforms. In QuickStart! - Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 you'll not only learn about many of the great new features now available, like Code Snippets for AIR and mobile, publishing for iOS and Android, and how to resize your content for a variety of screen sizes, but you'll also learn how to build a layout from complete scratch in Adobe Illustrator, and some efficient techinques for moving it over to the Flash developing environment!

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Course Overview

What You Will Learn

Building the Illustrator Layout

Reviewing the Site
Beginning the Layout in Illustrator
Setting Up the Layouts Colors
Importing the Graphical Content
Building the Main Layout Components
Setting a Stroke on an Imported Graphic
Positioning the Layouts Guides
Setting Up the Main Menu
Adding in the Layout's Text pt. 1
Adding in the Layout's Text pt. 2
Symbols in Illustrator pt. 1
Symbols in Illustrator pt. 2
Building the Footer Content
Finishing Off the Layout
Preparing the Layout for Export
Menu Symbols & Looking at Flash Text

Importing The Illustrator Artwork

Touring the New Document Dialog
Importing the Layout into Flash
Looking at How Flash Handled the Import
Setting the Auto-Save Option
Using Auto-Recovery
Organizing the Library
Sharing Assets Between Projects
New Layer Features
Building an Animated Rollover pt. 1
Building an Animated Rollover pt. 2
Animating the Footer Rollovers
Code Snippets for AIR and Mobile


Caching & Exporting Instances
Resizing Movies and Content
Viewing the New Publish Dialog
Publishing to AIR for iOS
Publishing to AIR for Android
Mobile Testing

Wrap Up

Final Thoughts


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