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QuickStart! - Adobe After Effects CS3 Tutorial

author, Kalika Kharkar, gets you started with Adobe After Effects CS3. She begins with an overview of the new features available within After Effects CS3. You'll then learn about project and composition settings, proper file organization, how to animate images, design within Photoshop and Illustrator before importing into After Effects, and finally, exporting your final presentation. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the QuickStart! Adobe After Effects CS3 movie links.

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New Features in AfterEffects CS3

The Interface

Similarities with Photoshop & Flash
Preferences & Workspace
Project & Composition Settings

Working with a Layered Logo File

File Organization
Photoshop & Illustrator Artwork Tips
Importing Layered Logo
Setup for Basic Transform Animation

Animating Layered Logo

Animating Backwards with Transforms
Animating Forwards & Finessing Animation
Adding Effects & Using Precompositions

Showing Off Your Work

Export Command & Render Queue


Additional Features of AE CS3
About the Author

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