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QuickBooks 2008 Advanced Tutorial

In this VTC QuickBooks 2008 Advanced tutorial, Lauri Matson a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, will go beyond the basics to teach advanced bookkeeping concepts, strategies, troubleshooting tips, shortcuts and more. Designed for the advanced user, the author uses easy to understand terminology coupled with valuable tips from over 30 years of business experience. Topics include unusual events and internal controls including reconciliations, assets & depreciation, taxes and reporting and even integration with other applications. Work files are included. This is a "must have" for any QuickBooks home or business office. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the QuickBooks 2008 Advanced lessons.

*While it is not necessary, it is recommended that users first take the VTC QuickBooks 2008 introduction course, and have a strong background in the Microsoft Office Suite (mainly Access, Excel and Word).

**This course uses QuickBooks 2008 Accountant’s Edition with Point of Sale and Enterprise Editions used when they are needed.

***Most techniques used in these lessons are applicable to QuickBooks 2006-2008 versions.

Getting Started

Advanced QuickBooks Course Objectives
Tips & Shortcuts

Networking Alternatives

Working with an Accountant Copy
Remote Access & Third Party Solutions

Invoices / Orders & Estimates

Estimates / Change Orders / Sales Orders
Tracking Work in Progress
Tracking Progress with Enterprise Solutions

Job Costing

Setting Up Jobs
Purchase Orders / Costs / Profitability
Reimbursable Expenses (Time / Mileage)

Complex Purchase Transactions

Prepaid Expenses
Trading Balances Between Customers & Vendors
Voiding Prior Period Checks

Inventory Control

Complexities of Inventory
Groupings & Assemblies
Using Point of Sale
Units of Measurement

Statement of Cash Flow

Cash Flow Analysis
Generate a Cash Flow Statement

Credit Card Transactions

Customer Payments / Merchant Services
Vendor Payments

Bank Reconciliations & Online Banking

Common Problems
Handling Bad Checks & NSF Fees
Electronic Statements
Online Errors

Liability Reconciliations

Entering New Debt
Tracking Loan Balances

Understanding Equity Accounts

Draws vs. Investments: How Equity Works
Closing the Equity Accounts

Working with Assets

Depreciation & Amortization
Setting Up Accounts Depreciation Accounts
The Asset List
Purchasing Fixed Assets


Wages & Liabilities
Other Additions & Deductions
Payroll Checkup

Advanced Payroll Items

Setup for Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Payments
Earned Income Credit
Tracking Commissions

Forecasts & Budgets

Significance of Forecasts & Budgets
Create a Budget
The Business Plan Tool
What If? Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Internal Controls

Accuracy & Fraud Protection
Proper Documentation & Retention
User Access & Licensing


Permissions & Users
Year End Close

Outgrowing Your Company File

Solutions to Large Files
Data Preparation

Condensing & Creating a New File

Creating a New File
Pros & Cons of a New File
Condensing Your Data
Pros & Cons of Condensing


Advanced Industry Solutions
Enterprise Edition
Point of Sale

Journal Entries

Automatic & Manual Entries
Issues to be Aware of
General Ledger Report

Audit Trails

Internal Controls
The Audit Trail Report


Collection Letters
Pivot Tables

Verifying & Repairing Data

Verify & Rebuild
When the Balance Sheet is Out of Balance
What if Rebuilding Does Not Work


Backups vs. Portable Files
Backup Strategy
The Accountant's Copy

Common Errors

The Most Common Errors
Most Common Errors Continued


Advanced Reporting
Modifying & Saving Your Reports
Memorized Transactions
The Template Gallery

Searching & Enhancements

Using the Find Function
Understanding the Add On Tools

Connecting to Microsoft Access

Installing an ODBC Connector to Access
Using Access with QuickBooks
Integrating Applications


Quick Tips
Wrap Up
About the Author

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