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QuickBooks 2008 Tutorial

In this VTC QuickBooks 2008 tutorial, Lauri Matson a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, teaches all of the essentials necessary to create a proper QuickBooks Accounting System. From the fundamentals of Accounting to the complexity of Payroll, users will gain the confidence necessary to set up and manage their own books. Designed to introduce both the beginner and advanced user to the inner workings of QuickBooks, the author uses easy to understand terminology coupled with valuable tips from over 30 years of business experience. This is a "must have" for any QuickBooks home or business office. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the QuickBooks 2008 lessons.

* This course uses QuickBooks Premiere Accountant 2008 Edition. Most techniques used in these videos are applicable to QuickBooks 2006-2008 versions. Substitute techniques will be discussed when necessary.

Getting Started

QuickBooks Course Objectives
Getting Around in QuickBooks
The Home Page

Customizing Your Screen

Customizing Your Toolbars
Understanding Preferences
Other Items for Customization

Setting Up QuickBooks

The Easy Step Interview
Bypassing the Interview
QuickBooks Assistance

The Fundamentals of Accounting

Accounting Methods
The Accounting Process

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flow

Understanding the Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Account Listing
Editing the Chart of Accounts
Merging & Exploring the Account Listing

Working With Lists

Customer & Jobs pt. 1
Customer & Jobs pt. 2

Simplifying Your Banking

Using Bank Registers
Online Transactions
Transferring Between Accounts

Reconciling Your Accounts

Checking Account
Locate Discrepancies
Credit Cards & Loan Balances

Setting Up Inventory

Using the Inventory Features
Entering Products into Inventory
Ordering Products

Working with Inventory

Receiving Inventory
Entering a Bill for Inventory
Taking a Physical Inventory
Inventory Adjustments

Collecting & Paying Sales Tax

Sales Tax Setup pt. 1
Sales Tax Setup pt. 2
Applying Tax to a Sale
Reconciling Your Sales Tax Liability
Paying Your Taxes

Jobs & Customers

Using Job Reports
Understanding the Data

Creating Estimates

Creating Estimates
Using an Estimate Report
Changing an Estimate to an Invoice

Sales Orders

Creating Sales Orders
Sales Order Fulfillment

Tracking Time

Entering & Billing Time
Single Activities & Reporting

Entering Sales Receipts

Creating the Sales Receipt
How Income is Recorded

Entering Invoices

Creating an Invoice
Modifications & Changes pt. 1
Modifications & Changes pt. 2
Tracking History

Receiving Payments

Recording Customer Payments
Handling Partial Payments
Processing Credit Card Payments

Making Deposits

Entering Deposits
Credit Card Deposits
Selecting the Right Deposit Report

Writing a Check

Entering Checks
Finding Past Information

Entering & Paying Bills

Entering Bills
Paying Bills
Tracking Bills in QuickBooks

Reporting Financial Data

Displaying Reports & Graphs
Creating & Customizing Reports
Saving Report Settings

Entering Payroll

Overview of Payroll
Entering Payroll Items

Payroll Items

Setting Up Employees
Running a Payroll Schedule

Payroll Taxes

Payroll Reports
Government Reporting & Forms

Customizing Forms

About QuickBooks Forms

Designing Custom Layouts for Forms

Defining Custom Fields
Customizing Invoices

The Layout Designer

Features of the Designer
Features of the Designer Continued

Integrating QuickBooks with Other Products

Exporting to Microsoft Excel
MS Word & Predesigned QuickBooks Letters

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

About the Author

About the Author

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