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QuarkXPress 8 Tutorial

QuarkXPress has been a leader in desktop-publishing applications for more than two decades. This robust, mature product offers you everything you need to publish to print, web, or even animated Flash content. QuarkXPress 8 now offers even more features for cross-media publishing and easy tools for repurposing content designed for a specific output. In this course, we will cover the basics for beginners and take you through, step by step, the features that will enable you to create professional-looking projects. If you have been using QuarkXPress for years, this course offers you insight into the newest features and production tricks. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the QuarkXPress 8 video links.


Introduction to QuarkXPress

Approaching Tasks

Approaching Tasks

Creating Projects / Books & Libraries

Creating New Projects & Print Layouts
Opening / Saving & Exporting
Merging & Appending Projects
Creating a Book
Creating a Library
Setting Project Preferences pt. 1
Setting Project Preferences pt. 2

Working with Layouts & Pages

Managing Layouts
Managing Pages

Using Ruler Guides & Units

Setting Guides & Units pt. 1
Setting Guides & Units pt. 2

Touring Palettes & Palette Groups

Managing Palettes
Tools Palette pt. 1
Tools Palette pt. 2
Tools Palette pt. 3
Measurements Palette pt. 1
Measurements Palette pt. 2
Page Layout Palette
Style Sheets Palette
Colors Palette
Shared Content Palette
Trap Information Palette
Lists Palette
Profile Information Palette
Grid Styles Palette
Glyphs Palette & Insert Character
Hyperlinks Palette
Index Palette
Layers Palette
Picture Effects Palette
Guides Palette pt. 1
Guides Palette pt. 2
Item Styles Palette
PSD Import Palette
Setting Tools & Palettes Preferences

Modifying Items

Type / Content & Position
Palettes / Keys & Dialogues
Send / Bring / Lock & Group
Duplicating / Aligning & Distributing

Bézier Pen Tool

Working with Pen Tools pt. 1
Working with Pen Tools pt. 2

Working with Text

Creating & Selecting Text
Formatting Text pt. 1
Formatting Text pt. 2
Modifying Box Attributes pt. 1
Modifying Box Attributes pt. 2
Setting Tabs
Using Paragraph Rules
Adjusting Tracking & Kerning
Working with Style Sheets pt. 1
Working with Style Sheets pt. 2
Working with Style Sheets pt. 3
Linking & Unlinking Text
Using Spell Check
Defining & Using H&Js
Creating Hanging Characters
Using Text Find & Change
Working with Tables pt. 1
Working with Tables pt. 2
Working with Tables pt. 3
Setting Text Preferences

Working with Pictures

Using Pictures in Your Project
Modifying Picture & Box Attributes
Using Paths / Channels & Runarounds
Using & Rendering Picture Effects
Setting Picture Preferences

Working with Transparency & Shadows

Applying Transparency & Drop Shadows

Using Master Pages

Working with Master Pages pt. 1
Working with Master Pages pt. 2
Working with Master Pages pt. 3
Working with Master Page Guides & Grid
Setting Master & Guide Preferences

Anchoring Boxes

Anchoring in Text

Working with Color

Creating Colors & Trap
Setting Color & Trap Preferences

Working with Shared Content

Using Shared Content
Setting Shared Content Preferences

Working with Composition Zones

Working with Composition Zones pt. 1
Working with Composition Zones pt. 2

Managing Assets

Using the Usage Dialogue Box

Collecting Layouts for Output

Using Collect for Output

Working with Job Jackets & Tickets

Creating Job Jackets & Tickets pt. 1
Creating Job Jackets & Tickets pt. 2
Creating Job Jackets & Tickets pt. 3

Printing & Outputting Layouts

Using Soft Proof & Print
Using Export & Output Styles
Setting PDF Output Preferences

Introducing Web Layouts

Introducing Web Layouts

Introducing Interactive Layouts

Introducing Interactive Layouts

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

About the Author

About the Author

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