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QuarkXPress 6 Tutorial

QuarkXPress® 6 is powerful layout software with an intuitive, versatile interface that lets you combine writing, editing, and typography with color and pictures to produce dynamic final output. QuarkXPress 6 is widely used by magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, typesetters, printers, corporate publishers, design firms, catalog houses, book publishers, and form designers. It is also used by businesses with publishing requirements. In this VTC tutorial, author Vivian Garner gives you highly detailed instructions and insight into the basic workings and latest details of QuarkXPress 6. To start learning today simply click on the links below.


What is New in QuarkXPress 6

The Interface

Create Project
Saving New Files
Save As
Create Template
Zoom Options
Layouts Add & Duplicate
Layout Property Changes
Close and Quit

The Tool Palette

Tool Palette Pt.1
Tool Palette Pt.2

Text Basics

Introduction to Text Boxes
Create & Resize Text Boxes
Move Text Boxes
Inputting Text
Highlighting Text
Deleting Text
Drag & Drop Text
Text Inset Option
Rotate Text
Flipping Text
Wrapping Text
Making Text Columns
Saving Text (New formats)
Importing Text
First Baseline of Text
Set Text Angle
Vertical Alignment
Linking Text
Unlinking Text

Formatting Text

Change Fonts
Resize or Size Fonts
Styles Fonts
Kerning Type
Kerning Table Editor/Tracking Editor
Tracking Type
Horizontal/Vertical Scaling Type
Scaling Type Proportionately
Baseline/Vertical Shift
Smart Quotes
Insert Special Characters

Formatting Paragraphs

Paragraph Left/Right Indents
First Line Indent
Hanging Indents
Indent Here Character
Horizontal Alignment
Line Breaks
Paragraph Spacing
Keep with Next Paragraph
Widow and Orphan Line Control
Drop Cap
Insert Rule Above/Below
Hyphenation and Justification


Create and Resize a Picture Box
Import Pictures
Deleting a Picture Box
Moving a Picture Box
Resizing Pictures Within a Box
Fitting Picture to Box
Scaling Picture & Box
Rotating Picture & Boxes
Rotating Pictures Within Box
Skewing Pictures
Flipping Pictures Horizontal/Vertical
Contrast Settings to Pictures
Listing and Updating Picture Paths

Working With Lines

Horizontal/Vertical Straight Lines
Angle Straight Lines
Changing Line Width
Restyling Lines
Changing Line Lengths
Changing Line Angles
Move/Reposition Lines

Multiple Items

Basics of Multiple Items
Locking Items
Duplicate/Step and Repeat
Super Step and Repeat
Stacking Order of Items
Forward/Backward Command
Space/Align Items
Distribute Items
Anchor Images Into Text
Convert items (Text to Box)

Text And Images

Transparent Boxes
Wrap Text Around Image/Box
Clipping Paths
Reshaping Clipping/Runaround Paths
Text Inside Image Shapes


Introduction to Bezier Elements
Straight Line/Text Path
Straight Side Picture/Text Box
Freehand Line/Text Path
Creating Smooth Curves
Convert Box/Line to Bezier
Add/Delete/Move Bezier Points
Using Bezier Handles
Point/Segment Style
Reshape Dragging Segments
Resize Whole Bezier Box/Line Path
Merge Items
Convert Text to Bezier Box
Convert Line to Text Path
Star-Shaped Bezier Box


Insert Tabs Into Text
Custom Tab Stops
Edit/Remove Custom Tab Stops


Create/Format Text Table
Create/Format Picture Table
Linking Text Cells
Change Link/Tab Order in Cells
Edit Cell Content
Change Cell Content
Combine/Un-Combine Cells
Resize Whole Table
Add/Delete Table Columns/Rows
Resize Table Columns/Rows
Restyle Table Border/Gridlines
Restyle Select Table Border/Gridlines
Convert Text to Table
Convert Table to Text
Convert Table to Group
Export Web Table as Image
Rasterizing Web Table Cell Content

Style Sheets

Introduction to Style Sheets
Normal Style Sheets
Creating New Paragraph Style Sheet
Creating New Character Style Sheet
Apply a Style Sheet
Local Formatting an Existing Style Sheet
Duplicate Style Sheets
Editing Style Sheets
Character Style Sheets & Paragraph Style Sheets
Based on Style Sheet Changes
Deleting Style Sheets

Master Pages

Introduction to Print Master Page
Switching Between Master/Layout Displays
Convert Single-Sided/Facing Pages
Keep/Delete Changes
Create Blank Master Pages
Modify Master Pages
Number Pages Automatically
Modify Margin/Column Guides
Apply Master Pages
Duplicate Master Pages
Re-Name Master Pages
Delete Master Pages
Linking Automatic Text on Master Pages

Working With Color

Overview Of Color Models
Colors Palette
Create New Color
Duplicate Colors
Edit Colors
Create Web Safe Colors
Delete/Global Replacement of Colors
Apply Color to Text
Apply Color to Box
Apply Color to a Grayscale Picture
Apply Color to Frame/Gap
Apply color to Table Cells
Apply Background Color to Table Box/Frame
Apply Color to Table Segments/Gridlines
Apply Color Blends


Intro to Layers Palette
Creating New Layers
Duplicate Layers
Arranging Layers
Change Layer Name/Color
Display Layers
Delete Layers
Merge Layers
Creating Items on a Layer
Determine Item Layer
Move Items to Different Layer
Lock/Unlock Layers
Prevent Layer Printing


Create Library
Add/Delete Library Item
Label Library Item
Use Library Item
Open Existing Library
Saving Libraries


Create a Book
Add Book Chapters
Changing Order/Deleting Chapter
Status Column
Page Numbering
Print Chapters
Create List Definition
Build and Preview List

Web Layout Pages

Creating a Web Layout
Saving a Web Project
Add Web Layout Pages
Edit Page Properties
Convert Image Export Format Options
Convert Text Box to Bitmap Graphic
Add/Drag-copy Items to Web Layout
Web Browser Preferences
Preview Web Page in Browser
Export Web Layout as HTML


Create Hyperlink
Linking Using Existing URL
Internal Hyperlink
Create Anchors
Link Anchors
Edit/Rename Link/Anchor
Break Link
Delete Link/Anchor
Change Hyperlink Text Color
Change Anchor Icon Color
Create Image Maps
Edit/Move Image Map
Create Rollovers
View Rollover Image
Edit Rollovers
Remove Rollover
Create Meta Tags
Attach Meta Tags to Web Page

Web Tool Palette Used For Forms

Introduction to Creating Forms
Create/Options a Form Box
Create a Text/Password Field Control
Scale/Move/Delete a Text Field Control
Create a Submit or Reset Button
Create a Submit Button Using an Image
Create a Radio Button
Create a Check Box
Create Pop-up Menu/List Box
Create Menu Set
Create a Separate File Selection


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