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QuarkXPress 5 Tutorial

QuarkXPress 5 is an industry-wide standard application in the print and design world, used as a layout and typographical tool to assemble elements for use in magazine, newspaper, brochure and other types of production. New features of QuarkXPress 5 makes this version even better than before, including tables, layers, XML export, hyperlinks, spell-check, and web design tools. This Virtual Training Company tutorial contains 7 hours of step-by-step, easy to follow, highly focused QuickTime movies, covering everything from the basics of the interface and tools to more complex aspects, like creating web documents and forms. Author Vivian Garner will show you how to create style sheets and master pages, edit colors, and much more. To start learning how to work with QuarkXPress 5, simply click on one of the movie links below.


What is New in QuarkXPress 5
Web Document
Visual Indicator
Context Menus
Printing Enhancements
Collecting Files For Output

The Interface

The Interface
Open Document
Save and Save As
Move and Zoom
Rulers and Guides
Palettes - An Overview
Close and Quit

The Tool Palette

Item Tool
Content Tool
Rotation Tool
Zoom Tool
Text Box Tools
Picture Box Tools
Table Tools
Line Tools
Line Text-Path Tools
Bezier Boxes and Lines
Freehand Boxes and Lines
Linking and Unlinking Tool
Scissor Tools

Creating Boxes

Intro to Boxes
Auto Create Text Box
Create Text/Picture Boxes
Move and Resize Text
Import/export Text
Inputting Text
Highlighting/deleting Text
Moving Text
Text Inset
Rotate Text
Wrapping Text
Making Columns
Vertical Alignment
Transparent/color Text Box
Linking Text Boxes
Unlinking Text Boxes

Formatting Text

Preference Palette
Changing Fonts
Size and Resize
Type Styles
Kerning Type
Tracking Words
Horizontal/vertical Scaling
Smart Quotes
Text BaseLines
Text Orientation
Convert Text to Box

Working With Lines

Draw Straight Lines
Resize Lines
Move Lines
Changing Line Styles

Creating Pictures

Create Picture Box
Resize Picture Box
Import Pictures
Move the Box
Resizing Pictures Within a Box
Cropping Pictures
Rotating Picture Boxes
Rotating Pictures Within Box
Skewing Pictures Within Box
Flipping a Picture
Modifying Color and Shade of Pictures
Contrast Settings to Pictures
Custom Halftone Screens
Listing and Updating Picture Paths

Multiple Items

Select Multiple Items
Duplicate/step and Repeat
Group and Ungroup Items
Lock Items
Stacking Order of Items
Space and Align Items
Anchor Images Into Text

Text and Images

Measurement Palette
Text Over Images
Wrap Text Around Image/box
Clipping Paths
Special Clipping Effects
Rotate/skew and Flip Text/Box
Text Inside Image Shapes


Introduction to Beziers
Draw Straight Line
Bezier Box With Straight Sides
Freehand Bezier Tool
Creating Smooth Curves
Convert Box/line to Bezier
Add/delete/move Bezier Points
Using Bezier Handles
Reshape by Dragging Segments
Convert Point/segment Style
Resize Whole Bezier Box/line Path
Merge Items
Convert Text to Bezier Box
Convert Line to Text Path

Formatting Paragraphs

Hanging Indents
Paragraph Spacing
Drop Cap
Insert Rule Above/below
Tab Inserts
Widow and Orphan Line Control
Hyphenation and Justification


Create New Table
Adding Content to Cells
Convert text to Tables
Select and Format Table Text
Convert/combine Cell Content
Table Placement
Resizing Rows and Columns
Insert/Delete Columns and Rows
Convert Tables to Text
Creating Tables in a Web Document

Style Sheets

Create New Style Sheet
Paragraph Based on Existing
Character Style Sheet
Apply a Style Sheet
Edit/duplicate and Delete Style Sheet
Append Style Sheets
Compare Style Sheets

Master Pages

Default Print Master Page
Default Web Master Page
Create New Master Pages
Name/duplicate and Delete Master Pages
Format and Apply Master Pages
Modify Master Guides
Setting Web Page Properties
Number Pages
Linking Text with Master Pages

Working With Color

Overview Of Color Models
Colors Palette
Create New Color
Edit/duplicate/delete Colors
Re-color Text
Re-color Frame/gap
Re-color Box
Color Blends


Intro to Layers Palette
Creating New Layers
Edit/duplicate/delete Layers
Selecting Layers
Display Layers
Arranging Layers
Merge Layers
Determine Item Layer
Creating Items on a Layer
Moving Items to Different Layer
Locking Items on Layers


Create Library
Add/delete Library Items
Open Existing Library
Saving Libraries


Create a Book
Add/delete Chapters
Status Columns
Page Numbering Books
Synchronize Chapters
Print Chapters
Create New List
Build and Preview List

Web Tool Palette

Image Map Tool
Form Box Tool
File Selection Tool
Text Field Tool
Button Tool
Image Button Tool
Pop-up Menu Tool
List Box Tool
Radio Button Tool
Check Box Tool

Web Pages

Creating a Web Document
Web Document Preferences
Web Browser Preferences
Page Properties
Meta Tags
Convert Images
Gif Export Format Options
Jpeg Export Format Options
PNG Export Format Options
Drag-copying Images
View in Browser
Export Web Page
Create Hyperlinks
Remove Hyperlinks
Create Anchors
Create Rollovers
Edit/remove Rollovers
Create Image Maps
Edit Image Map

Web Forms

Create a Form Box
Form Box Options
Create a Text Field Control
Scale/move or Delete Text Field Controls
Create a Submit or Reset Button
Create a Submit Using an Image
Create a Radio Button
Create a Check Box
Create Pop-up Menu/list Box
Create Menu Set
Create a Separate File Selection Control

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