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Propellerhead Record Tutorial

Record is Propellerhead's response to the demands of Reason users who have long desired the ability to record audio straight into Reason. Record is a seamlessly integrated DAW that can encapsulate Reason or stand alone as a simple and effective DAW. Music producer and home recording expert, Sean Michael Paddison, begins this course by demonstrating how to set up and navigate inside Record so that beginners will not be lost. He continues with in-depth explorations of the Sequencer, the Rack, and the Mixer. Throughout the course he shares some cool techniques that even seasoned pros will find helpful. Work files are included. Get started now by clicking on the movie links below!

About Record

Touring the Interface
System Requirements
Setting Up pt. 1
Setting Up pt. 2
Setting Up pt. 3
What to Expect

Navigating Record

Navigating the DAW
Navigational Tips
Organizing Tracks pt. 1
Organizing Tracks pt. 2

ID8 Instrument Device

An ID8 Tour


A Symbiont Relationship
System Requirements & Expansion
Registration Issues & Challenges
Opening Documents

The Sequencer

Introduction to the Sequencer
Working in Edit Mode
Graphic Note Editing pt. 1
Graphic Note Editing pt. 2
Graphic Note Editing pt. 3
Audio Tracks
Alt & Dub in Midi Tracks
Alt & Dub in Audio Tracks
Rex Mode
Drum Mode


How to Normalize pt. 1
How to Normalize pt. 2

The Rack

Rack Basics
Adding Inserts
Applying Inserts
Inserts in Program Mode
Patching Drum Sounds pt. 1
Patching Drum Sounds pt. 2
Creating a Custom ID8 Drum Kit
Mono to Stereo Tricks
Virtual Controlled Voltage Patching
Using the Rack for Live Shows
Creating a Custom Speaker Mix pt. 1
Creating a Custom Speaker Mix pt. 2
Harnessing Features from the Mixer
Mastering Tools
The RV 7000 pt. 1
The RV 7000 pt. 2
Setting Up a Remote MIDI Rack
Setting Up a Remote Studio Rack

The Mixer

Gain & Dynamics
Equalization & Inserts
Sends pt. 1
Sends pt. 2
Fader Section
Master Section
The Headphone Mix


Exploding Notes to Lanes
Note Extractions
Note Shifting
Graphic Chord Entry
Segment Labeling

MIDI - Tool Applications

Working with a Real World Example
Note Lengths
Velocity Changes
Legato Adjustments
Scale Tempo
Note Alternations
Automation Cleanup
The ReGroove Mixer pt. 1
The ReGroove Mixer pt. 2


Converting an Imported Loop for Time Stretching

The Combinator

The Totally Fabulous Combinator!
Assigning Controls
Creating a Guitar Combinator
Creating a Guitar Rack
Building a Custom Drum Combinator

Recording 101

The Hows & Whys
Developing Tone pt. 1 - Buying a Mic/Preamp
Developing Tone pt. 2 - Mic Placement
Performance Helpers

Applied Mixdown

Understanding the Mixdown Process
Time Manipulation
Creating a Stereo Mixdown

Applied Mastering

What is Mastering?
Professional Mastering

Automation/Remote Devices/Mapping

Automation Lanes
Remote Device Control
Mapping the Transport Controls
Mackie Control


Bit Rates & Drivers
Exporting & Importing Files
Using ReWire

Pitch Correction

Pitch Correction Options

Final Thoughts

Wrap Up


About the Author

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