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Programming with Alice Tutorial

Alice is a 3-D programming language that makes it easy to create an animation for creating applications, telling a story, or playing an interactive game. Alice is a teaching tool for introductory computing. It uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating first programming experience. This course by Arthur Lee assumes no prior programming background and uses a building block approach beginning with simple Alice features and examples while gradually introducing more complex features. Sample programs are provided to be referenced by the user to enhance their learning experience. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Welcome to Alice Programming
Versions of Alice
Why Learn Alice?
Alice Environment & Terminology

Getting Started with Alice

Launching Alice
The Alice Tutorial pt. 1
The Alice Tutorial pt. 2
The Alice Tutorial pt. 3
Exploring the Demos
Creating a Simple Animation World
Object Manipulator / Camera Controls

Background Setup & Objects

Backgrounds & Object Galleries
3-D Objects Properties
Motion of Objects
Objects with Components
Object Animation Example

Saving & Executing Programs

Saving an Alice World
Recognizing Error Types
Object Interaction/Logic Errors
Examples of Errors in Alice
Printing Alice Code

Writing Code

Developing a Program With Code
Modifications With Coding Blocks
Orientation of Objects Demo
More on Object Orientation
Built-in Functions & Expressions
Demo Program of Function/Expression
Demo2 Function/Expression

Object-Oriented Programming

OOP Use of Methods & Parameters
Inheritance & Class-Level Methods
Demo Program Using Methods
OOP vs. Object-Based Programming
Tutorial All About Methods pt. 1
Tutorial All About Methods pt. 2

Programming Structures

Sequence Structure
Selection Structure
Loop Structure
Demo Program Using If-Else
Demo Using If-Else with Interactivity
Demo Using If-Else/Method/Function
Demo Program Using Loop
Demo Program Using Nested Loops

Variables in Alice

Variables Overview
Alice Data Types
Variable Declaration/Naming Rules
Variable Example/Light Demo
Demo Program Using Variable Parameters

Interactive/Event-Driven Programming

Event-Driven Concepts
Demo Program 1/Event-Driven
Demo Program 2/Event-Driven
Demo Program 3/Visibility
Demo Program 3 Part 2/Opacity Property
Tutorial - More Event-Driven Options

Random Numbers & Motion

Use of Random in Alice
Random Number Example
Random Motion Example

Arrays in Alice

Fundamentals of Arrays in Alice
Demo Program/Array Example 1
Demo Program/Array Example 2
Demo Program/Array Example 3
Sorting Elements within an Alice Array
Sorting Demonstration pt. 1
Sorting Demonstration pt. 2

Wrap Up

Summary of Content Covered


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