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Professional Desktop Publishing on the PC Tutorial

Professional Desktop Publishing for the PC teaches the user to integrate three of the most popular desktop publishing titles: CorelDRAW, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe PageMaker. In addition to teaching the necessary terminology and the differences between the software applications, Virtual Training Company author Brian White also simplifies the processes of designing business cards, letterhead and envelopes, magazine and newspaper ads, and logos in this tutorial. See what you can learn by clicking one of the links below.




Whats the difference: Photoshop, CorelDraw! and PageMaker.
Vector vs Bitmap formats
Adobe Acrobat: an essential tool
Fonts & Font Navigator
Limitations of laser printers & inkjets
Color Modes: Spot, 4 (Full) Color & RGB

Project I - Creating a Logo

Paradox Sports: Intro
Choosing the typeface
Working the X - I
Working the X - II
Working the X - III
Presenting the logo
Color Considerations
Creating a Spot Color Version
Creating a Grayscale Version
Exporting Graphics for use in other programs
Exporting in EPS
Exporting in TIFF
Exporting in JPG
Exporting in GIF
Creating a 4-color Logo Intro
Importing the Logo into Photoshop
Creating a duplicate layer
Selecting items & creating layers
Adding colors & Blends I
Adding colors & Blends II
Adding a layer Mask
Adding Bevels
Adding a Drop Shadow
Linking the Layers

Project II - 2 Color Business Card

Setting up the card
Adding the logo and text
Separating Paragraph text
Aligning the text
Checking Separations
Printing Laser Seps
Imposing the cards
Printing Multiple Names

Project III - 4-color Business Card

Setting up the Business Card
Adding the photos
Feathering and Blending the Photos I
Feathering and Blending the Photos II
Adding the Logo
Exporting the TIF
Putting the Card together
Sending to EPS for Printer
Saving for a Service Bureau
Creating your own separations

Project IV - Letterhead & Envelopes

Creating the Letterhead I
Creating the Letterhead II
Creating the Letterhead III
Creating the Letterhead IV
Creating the Envelope
Warning Spot: Color Gradient Fills
Overprinting and trapping
Checking the Separations
Preparing for the Service Bureau

Project V - Newspaper ad

Setting up the page and resolution
Setting up the border and resolution
Creating the border
Adjusting the photograph
Adding a graphic edge to the Photo
Placing the photos in Corel
Setting up Layers
Placing the text
Formatting the Text - Leading and rotation
Formatting the Text - Paragraph Text
Formatting the Text - Copying attributes
Formatting the Text - Kerning
Adding bullets
Changing the logo color
Creating PDF from Corel

Project VI - Full Color Magazine ad

Page Set-up specifications
Setting up PageMaker
Setting Up PhotoShop
Importing the background
Adding the Logo
Adding an outer glow
Adding the text
Adding a shadow
Adding the X
Separating Images from the background
Creating a selection using color range
Fine tuning the shadow
Using duplicated text
Placing the file in PageMaker
Kerning text & creating a text shadow in PageMaker
Putting an outline on text
Creating a Low Res PDF file
Creating a high Resolution PDF

Project V II- 2 color information Flyer

Preparing the Logo
Understanding the info box
Preparing the photograph - Levels
Preparing the photograph - Unsharp Mask
Creating a Speckled Border
PageMaker - Page Setup
Setting up the colors
Setting up Master Page - The sidebar
Setting up Master Page - bottom border
Setting up Master Page - Adjusting the margins
Setting up Master Page - adding the logo
Setting up Master Page - Photo Guides
Placing the photograph
Adding Text Wrap
Placing the text
Formatting text - Making Global Changes
Formatting text - working with style sheets I
Formatting text - working with style sheets II
Formatting text - working with style sheets III
Formatting text - working with style sheets IV
Adding a keyline
Rotating text
How it all works!
Printing - Creating a low res Acrobat Proof
Creating a High res Acrobat Proof
Save for Service Bureau

Project VIII- Concert Logo & listing

Creating the logo - overview
Importing adjusting the Corel Clip Art
Importing a bitmap
Creating the Text
Creating a double outline effect
Fine Tuning the Logo
Converting the Logo to Greyscale
Exporting the logo
Setting up PageMaker
Importing the graphic & Text
Formatting the Text I
Formatting the Text II
Formatting the Text III
Printing a proof

Project VIX - Creating a 2 color newsletter

Creating the Logo I
Creating the Logo II
Creating a Masthead
Creating the Quotes
Adjusting Grayscale Photos
Feathering a photograph
Removing a the photographs background
Setting up the Newsletter
Placing the Logo and Masthead
The Hand Grabber
Adding the Text I
Adding borders
Placing the Text
Getting rid of double spacing
Creating the Style Sheets
Keeping the text even
Adding the Photographs I
Fine tuning the text
Adding Pull Quotes
Adding Column lines
Creating the PDF proof
Creating Printer Spreads

Project X- Tri-Fold Full Color Brochure

Tri-Folds arent even!
Setting up the Tri-Fold Guides
Saving the Template
Front Panel - Set-up
Setting the background Color
Imposing another photograph
Blending the grass
Adding & positioning a photograph
Creating a bevel effect
Adding Text
Adding effects to the text
Saving the file as a Tiff
Using Curves to adjust photographs
Removing a color cast
Adding a Color background
Placing the Front Panel
Adding & Cropping the photographs I
Adding & Cropping the photographs II
Viewing photographs
Adding the border
Setting up Layers/locking objects
Preparing the text I
Preparing the PageMaker Style Sheets
Preparing the text II
Importing the text
Adding Bullets
Adjusting the Style Sheets
Creating shadow on text
Creating a screen on a photo
Checking Separations
Creating a high Res PDF file
Packaging for Service Bureauing or Service Bureau

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