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Pro Tools LE Tutorial

Pro Tools LE is the leading digital audio solution, providing you with simplicity, stability, and incredible sound. With Virtual Training Company's tutorial, you will soon learn how to record, edit, mix, and create your own audio sequencing. Recording artist, producer, and engineer Jonathan Kagi illustrates the elements of the interface of Pro Tools one at a time, then shows you how to combine them to create full-scale digital audio production. After thoroughly covering all the aspects of the interface, you will learn the actual operation of Pro Tools. Also included is coverage of third party plug-ins and soft synth controls and operations, making this tutorial useful to users of VST, MAS, Direct X, and RTAS platforms. This tutorial is packed with so much useful knowledge that new and veteran users of Pro Tools will benefit. You will discover many examples of the exciting projects you can create with Pro Tools in this cutting-edge venture to the world of digital audio. To get started now, simply click one of the movie topics below.


ProTools LE CD Introduction
About The Pro Tools LE CD
Welcome To Pro Tools LE
Training Approach

Hard Disk Recording

Hard Disk Recording

Understanding Pro Tools

Key Features

Configuring Your System

I/O SetUp Basic
I/O SetUp Lightpipe
System Usage I
System Usage II
Memory and Preferences
Hard Disks
DAE Playback Buffer
Direct I/O

MIDI Set Up and Use

OMS The Wrong Way
OMS The Right Way
Running Basic 001 MIDI or Dual
NI Virtual Nodes
MIDI Patch Changes
OMS Names Basics
Creating OMS Names Docs
FreeMidi PatchList to OMS Doc

Session Elements

Session Files
Session Basics
Other Import Methods
MIDI Channels
Audio Track
Midi Track
Auxiliary Inputs
Master Fader
Tracks Summation I
Tracks Summation II


The File Menu I
The File Menu II
The Edit Menu I
The Edit Menu II
The Edit Menu Case Study
MIDI Menu Relative Commands
MIDI Menu Communications
MIDI Operations
Split Notes
Other MIDI Operations
Input Quantize
The Movie Menu
Bounce To Movie

Windows and Interface Elements

Transport I/ 5:28
Transport II
The Show/Hide Tracks List
Mix/Edit Groups
Strip Silence
Audio Regions List I
Audio Regions List II
Midi Regions List
MIDI Track Offsets
MIDI Event List


Plug Ins VS Inserts
Tracking Inserts Wet and Dry
Tracking Hardware Sends
Audio Record Modes
Beat Clock Arpeggiators
Beat Clock LFOs
Tracking Case Study I
Tracking Case Study II


Memory Locations I
Memory Locations II
Edit Modes I
Edit Modes II
The Edit Tools I
The Edit Tools II
The Smart Tool
Grid/Nudge Selectors
Multi-Track and Batch Fades


DigiRack Real-Time
Using the Librarian
Using DigiRack Real-Time
Multi-Mono, Multi-Channel
DigiRack EQ
Automation I
Automation II
Plug-In Automation I
Plug-In Automation II
Bounce To Disk

Studio Tools

Waves Audio Processors
Waves File Based Processing
Waves Mastering I
Waves Mastering II
T-Racks RTAS
Serato Pitch n Time Loops/Breaks
Serato Pitch n Time Pitch Shifting
Serato Pitch n Time Song Bending
Bias Peak
Antares Auto-Tune
Auto-Tune Use

Studio Effects

RealVerb Morphing
GRM Tools Controls
GRM Tools Classic
GRM Tools Spectral Transform
IK Amplitube
NI Spektral Delay
NI Spektral Delay Controls
NI Spektral Delay Use

Soft Synths/Samplers

Bitheadz Unity Session
Native Instruments Pro Tools Edition
Native Instruments Battery
Native Instruments Absynth
Native Instruments Reaktor
Native Instruments Reaktor Clock

Studio Hardware

Contour Design Shuttle Pro
CM Labs MotorMix

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