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Poser 7 Tutorial

Poser 7 is one of the most preeminent figure posing and animation pieces of software available. An important asset to have in any serious 3D creator's 3D toolbox, Poser 7 files can be imported into popular 3D programs like Maya, Lightwave, Vue and Carrara, making figure and animal animation much easier. Thanks to the new environmental/image-based-lighting (IBL), and Talk Designer, levels of realism are now easier than ever to quickly achieve. This tutorial, authored by Mark Bremmer, was created with both the 3D beginner and seasoned commercial user in mind. Hobbyists and professionals alike will learn how to quickly integrate Poser 7 into a production pipeline and streamline workflow to efficiently and effectively create content for multimedia presentations. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Poser 7 movie links.



Before Getting Started

System Preferences & PC/Mac Differences


Poser Interface Philosophy
Menu Bar & Keyboard Shortcuts

Document Window Controls

Image & Display Controls
Document Window Continued
Document & Render Tab

Posing Figures

Viewing & Terminology
Direct Manipulation
Direct & Numeric Move
Auto Balance
Symmetry/Inverse Kinematics
Multiple Figures/Adding
Multiple Figures/Selecting & Naming
Using Pre-made Poses
Animated Poses

Adding & Posing with Props

Adding Props from Library
Adding Morphing Clothing
Adding Prop Hair
Modify Prop Hair
Modify Morph Hair
Adding Strand Hair
Posing with Props
Posing with Props Hierarchy
Importing Non-Poser Props
Converting Non-Poser Props

Changing & Morphing Characters

Morph Dial
Morph Dial Advanced
Morph Tool pt. 1
Morph Tool pt. 2
Morph Tool pt. 3
Magnet pt. 1
Magnet pt. 2


Basic Shaders pt. 1
Basic Shaders pt. 2
Advanced pt. 1
Advanced pt. 2
Advanced pt. 3
Advanced pt. 4
Advanced pt. 5
Apply Materials

Face Room

Default Faces
Advanced pt. 1
Advanced pt. 2
Advanced pt. 3
Advanced pt. 4
Advanced pt. 5
Advanced pt. 6

Hair Room

Hair Grouping Advanced pt. 1
Hair Grouping Advanced pt. 2
Hair Styling

Cloth Room

Basic pt. 1
Basic pt. 2
Advanced Draping/Wave Deformer
Advanced Choreography
Advanced Chore/Wind Force
Advanced Constraint pt. 1
Advanced Constraint pt. 2
Advanced Constraint pt. 3
Advanced Dynamics

Lighting & Scene Building

Infinite & Viewing
Spotlight Point & Viewing
Point & IBL
Image Based Light 2
Advanced Cookie & Gel
Advanced Reflections
Advanced Scene Building
Advanced Scene Lighting


General Animation Best Methods
Palette & Key Frames
Editing Key Frames
Graph Editor & Key Frames
Animation Groups
Animation Menu
Imported Motion

Walk Designer

Basic Walk
Path Walk
Adding Layer Animation

Talk Designer

Talk Designer pt. 1
Talk Designer pt. 2

Set Up Room

Import & Grouping
Assigning Groups
Adjusting Motion pt. 1
Adjusting Motion pt. 2


Rendering Best Practices
FireFly Settings pt. 1
FireFly Settings pt. 2
Poser 4 Settings
Sketch Settings
Preview Settings
Image Size & Movie Settings


Material Covered

About the Author

Meet Mark Bremmer

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