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Painter 7 Techniques Tutorial

Painter 7 is an incredible digital paint program that simulates hand drawing and painting, making it a perfect tool for artists, designers, and animators. author, Rhoda Grossman, will show users how to turn a photo into a watercolor painting, a woodcut portrait, a tile mosaic, and more. This tutorial will teach users several complex features of Painter. It is recommended that users have a working knowledge of Painter 7, or that users have viewed VTC’s Painter 7 tutorial (ISBN #1930519591). More advanced topics include: the new watercolor engine, various cloning tools, and dynamic tools that include glass distortion, kaleidoscope, and liquid metal effect. Users will learn how to create a custom image portfolio, how to animate with Painter, and many other expert-level techniques. To start now, just click on one of the topics below.


Welcome and Preview Lessons
Brush Variants
Art Materials
Objects Palette
Brush Controls Pt.1
Brush Controls Pt.2
Toolbox and Menus

Cloned Portrait

Prepare Background
Paint Face and Hair
Create New Cloner Variant
Repaint Face and Finish Edges

Face Collage

Make Custom Image Portfolio
Arrange and Blend Face Parts
Use Masks for Blending
Make Extreme Distortion

Architecture Collage

Combine Rock Texture and Blur
Add Door Layer/ Mask Edges
Add Arch Layer/ Mask Edges
Add Remaining Layers
Create Title
Adjust Curve/ Add Dynamic Layer

Notepaper and Cards

Party Invitation
Stationery Pt.1
Stationery Pt.2

Dynamic Painting

Equalize and Kaleidoscope
Liquid Lens Layer
Liquid MetalStrokes
Burn and Tear Effects
Bevel World
Glass Distortion
Finish and Save

Layered Still Life

Draw Pencil Layer
Paint Liquid Ink Pt.1
Paint Liquid Ink Pt.2
Add Pen Layers
Add Pen Layers
Add Color Layer

Watercolor Painting

Preliminary Sketch
Delete Unwanted Variants
Delete Unwanted Variants
Make Custom Color Set
Underpainting Pt.1
Underpainting Pt.2
Develop Texture
Add Detail
Cleanup Wet and Dry Layers

Cartoon from Illustrator File

Review Vector Tools
Rasterize Vector Image
Create Fill and Outline
Add Detail
Add Texture

Childrens Book Cover

Add School Bus to Dinosaur
Add Hat and Backpack Pt.1
Add Hat and Backpack Pt.2
Create Text on a Curve

Music CD Cover

Make Custom Nozzle Pt.1
Make Custom Nozzle Pt. 2
Spray Nozzle in Layers
Add Title

Graphic Portrait

Apply Woodcut and Serigraphy
Add More Spot Colors
Touch-up Spot Color Layers

Mosaic Still Life Part 1

Make Clone and Begin Tiling Pt.1
Make Clone and Begin Tiling Pt.2
Edit Tile Shapes and Colors Pt.1
Edit Tile Shapes and Colors Pt.2
Create Mask and Relief

Mosaic Still Life Part 2

Make Clone and Tesselation
Edit Tiles and Add
Experimental Tessellation
Layered Effects

Effects Scripts

Make New Library
Record Effects Sequence
Playback and Edit Script
Record Layer Effects
Edit Layer Effects Script

Video Effects

Apply Woodcut Script Pt.1
Apply Woodcut Script Pt.2
Add Color and Texture Pt.1
Add Color and Texture Pt.2
Apply Zoom and Neon Script Pt.1
Apply Zoom and Neon Script Pt.2
Add Recorded Strokes
Combine Movie Segments Pt.1
Combine Movie Segments Pt.2

Animating Nozzles

Make Frame Stack and Add Color
Make Selections in Frames Pt.1
Make Selections in Frames Pt.2
Make Selections in Frames Pt.3
Vary Colors and Make Nozzle Pt.1
Vary Colors and Make Nozzle Pt.2
Record and Playback Strokes

Rotoscope Animation

Prepare Frame Stacks Pt.1
Prepare Frame Stacks Pt.2
Use Movie as Clone Source Pt.1
Use Movie as Clone Source Pt.2
Use Movie as Clone Source Pt.3
Add Color to Source Movie
Paint with Cloner Variant Pt.1
Paint with Cloner Variant Pt.2

Animating Filter Effects

Apply Photoshop
Make Frame Stack Pt.1
Make Frame Stack Pt.2
Create Variations with Scripts
Animate Brush Strokes
Animate Brush Strokes
Playback Recorded Stroke Pt.1
Playback Recorded Stroke Pt.2
Combine Movie Segments

Cookie Company Graphics

Prepare Cookie Portfolio
Create Pattern
Pattern Fills and Emboss Pt.1
Pattern Fills and Emboss Pt.2
Develop Logotype Pt.1
Develop Logotype Pt.2
Develop Logotype Pt.3

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