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Painter 6 Techniques Tutorial

Corel Painter 6 is a digital painting resource that simulates hand drawing and painting. Painter 6 is the perfect tool for artists, designers, and animators. It realistically recreates the effects of real media with its vast array of brushes and imaging options, such as felt pens, watercolors, oil paints, and more. Aimed at those already fairly experienced with Painter 6, Virtual Training CompanyÕs Painter 6 Techniques tutorial is full of tips and techniques to help you increase your knowledge of Painter 6. Author Rhoda Grossman reviews the basics of Painter, then gets to good stuff, like mosaic techniques, creating a kaleidoscope quilt, spiral nebulas, and many other exciting and creative capabilities beyond the basics of Painter 6. Start learning some of the more fun aspects now by clicking below on a topic of your choice.


Welcome Preview lessons
Brush Variants
Toolbox and Menus

Seamless Pattern

Capture Coffee pattern
Use Define Pattern
Move Tile Edges to Center
Clone to Repair Edges
Fill Type with Coffee
Create Abstract Pattern
Capture and Test
Adjust Color and Distort
Add Impasto Texture

Clone Painting

Chalk Clone of Mark 97
Vignette & Add Texture
Oil Brush Clone
Expressive Color
Watercolor Clone Painting
Touch-up Wet & Dry
Van Gogh Sunflowers

Paper Collage

Colored Layers from Sketch
Gradient Fills
Drop Shadows
Add Paper Textures
Flatten and Save
Textures from Type
Distressed Text
New Paper Liary

Custom Nozzle

Group Layers Make Nozzle
Load Nozzle and Test
Make New Liary

Painting a Vector Image

Convert Shapes to Masks
Paint Bulb and Base
Paint Threads
Add Reflection to Glass

Text Effects

Create Pattern Emboss
Fill Stroke with Pattern
Fill Inside with Weave
Custom Tile Bricks
Multiple Blobs
Erosion Effect
Torn Edges and Cast Shadow
Adjust Size and Opacity
Distort Anchor Points
Colored Drop Shadow
Glass Distortion
Dynamic Text
Dynamic Text (2)
More Dynamic Text Effects

Mystery Book Jacket

Type Chocolate
Apply Bevel
Paint with Liquid Metal
Add Chocolate Drops

Mosaic Techniques

Ancient Greek Border
Add Relief and Texture
Adjust Color & Contrast
Leaves EPS Clone Color
Change Color and add More Tiles
Change Grout Color
Vary Color and Add Relief
Letter A Tesselation
Relief without Mask
Paint Background

Animation (1)

Animated VanGogh Stroke
Redo Some Frames
Add Frames Save
Animate Single Stroke
Same Stroke and More Brushes
Smudge Each Frame
Apply Scripts to Movie
Cel Animation of Flower

Animation (2)

Single Image Distort
Two Similar Images
Color Enhancement Scripts
Rotoscope Preparation
Rotoscope Sketching
Rotoscope Cloning

Metal Patterns

Capture Metal Blobs
Make Blob Grid
Plastic Blobs Pattern
Chromebones Pattern
Multiple Metal Grid


Prepare Background
Add Angel Image
Add Cathedral
Add Woman and Raphael
Adjust Sizes and Modes
Tweak and Save as RIFF
Create Dynamic Text
Apply Text Fills and Shadow

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Pattern Fill Kaleidoscope Grid
Alter Color for New Squares
Add More Squares
Group and Position
Apply Soft Bevels
Texture Stitch Warp

Background F/X

Adjust Value Using Paper
Fractal Color & Reflection
More Fractal Patterns
Pop Art Fills
Crumpled Paper F/X
More Woodcut F/X
Sherry Londons Woodcut

Cosmic Images

Multiple Growth Strokes
Swirl Blur Add Planet
Spiral Nebula
Abstract: e-map Blobs
Abstract: Blur Warp Layer

Impasto F/X

Tic Tac Toe
Impasto Images
Smeary Varnish

Custom Brushes

Make New Liary
Stitching Pencil
Scratch Board Multi Rake
New Fiber Variant
Piano Rag Brush
Gradient Worm
Smeary Brushes
Negative Depth Carving
Change Subcategory
Bristle Changes
Nervous Spray


Basic Record and Playback
Edit the Script
Distort Playback
Record Effects
Single Stroke Playback

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