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Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorial

Paint Shop Pro 7 is a wonderful application for creating and editing images, and is great for both novices and experts designers. Linda Young is your instructor in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. She begins by familiarizing you with the basic features, such as the toolbar and browser, and the windows and controls, such as the title and menu bars and the workspace, of Paint Shop Pro 7. She will then smoothly guide you into creating new images and will explore the artist's toolbox with you. She finishes up by showing you how to work with special effects, web features, and giving you a tour of the animation shop. Start learning today! To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.

Getting Started

System Requirements
Install Paint Shop Pro
Register Your Version
New Features
Animation Shop 3
Repair & Uninstall
About This CD

Paint Shop Pro Tour

Launch the Program
Quick Tour
Standard Toolbar
Tool Palette
Tool Palette Options
Color Palette
Active Styles & Textures
Layer Palette
The Histogram
The Browser

Setting Preferences

General Preferences
CMYK Conversions
File Preferences
Color Management
Monitor Gamma Adjustments

Creating Images

The Basics
Things to Consider
Image Dialog Box
Opening an Image
Duplicate an Image
Import an Image
Screen Captures
Capturing an Image
Saving Files
Printing Files
Loading Workspace

Painting & Drawing Tools

Getting Started
Preset Shape Options
Drawing Straight Lines
Paint Brush Options
Apply the Brush
Custom Brushes
Air Brush
Eraser Tool
Flood Fill Tool
Clone Brush

Editing Images

Selection Tools
Freehand Tools
Magic Wand Tool
Cropping an Image
Cut & Paste
Image Menu
Resize an Image
Image Information
Alpha Channels

Working With Color

Color Palette
Jasc Color Dialog Box
Adjusting Colors
Windows Color Dialog Box
Setting Styles
Gradient Dialog Box
Gradient Editor Box
Using Patterns
Setting Textures
Applying Techniques

Adjusting Color

Over View
Adjust Brightness
Tweak Color Channels
Adjust Color Balance
Adjust Color Level
Curves Dialog Box
Black & White Image
More Adjust Options
Colorize an Image
Changing Colors
Histogram Functions
Working With Channels

Photo Manipulation

General Overview
Touch Ups
Increasing Colors
Removing Scratches
Automatic Scratch Remover
Removing Noise
Preserving Textures
Removing Red Eyes
Automatic Correction
Scanned Images
A Few More Options

Picture Tubes

How They Work
Basic Tubing
Create a Tube
Saving a Tube
Finding New Tubes
PSP Tubes

Working With Layers

Introducing Layers
Layer Palette
Working With Layers
Moving Layers
Using Adjustment Layers
Editing Adjustment Layers
Understanding Blending
Layer Options Menu

Vector Toolbox

How They Work
Drawing Tools
Bezier Curve
Preset Shape Tools
Applying Textures
Export Vector Object
Vector Text
Object Selection Tool

3D Effects

Chisel Features
Cut-Out Effects
Inner Bevel Effect
Other Effects

Artistic Effects

Aged Newspaper
Black Pencil Effect
Brush Stroke Effect
Chrome Effect
Colored Chalk
Creating Contours
Additional Effects

Geometric Effects

Circle Effect
Curly Qs
Page Curls
Stretching an Image
Creating Waves
The Wind Effect
Punch & Pinch Effect

Even More Effects

Effects Browser
Blur Effects
Sharpen an Image
Creating Edge Effects
Illumination Effects
Reflection Effects
Texture Effects
User Defined

Web Features

Prepare for the Web
File Formats
Adjusting Color
Preview an Image
Slicing & Dicing
E-mailing an Image

Animation Shop 3

Quick Tour
Creating Animations
Saving Your Image
Editing Image


A- E
F- J
K- Z

Getting Help

Help Features
Technical Help


About the Author

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