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PHP Programming: The Basics Tutorial

In Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, author Mike Morton introduces PHP programming in a fashion that is immediately applicable to experienced programmers, and new programmers alike. This programming title does not focus on getting certified in PHP, but rather focuses on the application of PHP in everyday programming, including the proper terminology as well as learning PHP slang. Starting with the absolute basics of PHP types and statements, Mike progresses you through conditional and loops, MySQL, and into advanced topics such as functions and session management. With working examples, and application of what you are learning shown throughout, Mike makes learning PHP an easy and enjoyable endeavour. To begin learning today simply click on one of the links.


What This Course Covers
What You Will Need
Resources - Using PHP.net Pt.1
Resources - Using PHP.net Pt.2
Other PHP Resources
Hosting Resources

Starting with PHP

What is PHP
PHP Programming Standards
Embedding PHP in HTML
Embedding HTML in PHP
The All Important Semi-colon
Your First PHP Script
Chapter 2 Challenge

PHP Basics

PHP Statements
Values and Value Types Part 1
Values and Value Types Part 2
Referencing Variables and Constants
Variable Variables
Basic Operators Part 1
Basic Operators Part 2
Advanced Operators
Chapter 3 Challenge

PHP Conditionals and Loops

The "IF" Statement
Extending "IF"
"SWITCH" Statements
The "WHILE" Structure
The "DO-WHILE" Structure
The "FOR" Loop
Chapter 4 Challenge

Applying What You Know

Setting up Your File Structure
Global Headers and Footers
A Functional Website Example Pt.1
A Functional Website Example Pt.2
A Functional Website Example Pt.3
A Functional Website Example Pt.4
A Functional Website Example Pt.5
A Functional Website Example - Addendum

PHP and functions

Why use functions
Variable Scope
Creating and using Functions
Functions with Parameters
Returning Values
Chapter 6 Challenge

PHP Arrays

What is an Array
Creating Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
"FOREACH" looping - basic
"FOREACH" looping - advanced
Navigating Arrays
Manipulating Keys
Sorting Arrays

Starting with MYSQL

Getting Information: mysql.com
Other MYSQL Resources
What is a relational database?
Accessing MYSQL - the command line

MYSQL Basics

Configuring Users in MYSQL - Part 1
Configuring Users in MYSQL - Part 2
Creating Databases and Tables
MYSQL Data Types - Numeric Types
MYSQL Data Types - Date Types
MYSQL Data Types - String Types
EXAMPLE: Creating A Table Statement - Part 1
EXAMPLE: Creating A Table Statement - Part 2
Basic MYSQL commands - INSERT
Basic MYSQL commands - SELECT and UPDATE
Basic MYSQL commands - DELETE and DROP
Setting Up phpMyAdmin
Using phpMyAdmin

Using MYSQL with PHP

Connecting to MYSQL
Choosing a database
Querying a database
Retrieving results
Useful MySQL functions in PHP

PHP and Sessions

What is a session
set_cookie vs session_start
Session Tracking With Built in PHP Functions
Session Tracking With Databases Pt.1
Session Tracking With Databases Pt.2

Final Words

Where to go from here


About the Author

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