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OpenOffice.org 3 Tutorial

Get ready to delve headlong into the world of OpenOffice.org. Geoff Blake will guide you through tasks and hands-on techniques to get the most out of OpenOffice.org. Begin by getting the suite installed on either Mac or PC, then get right to it with Writer, where you'll learn to work with word processing, document formatting, tables, and graphics. Then, it's on to the spreadsheet application Calc where you'll learn how to enter and manage data, format your spreadsheets, and work with calculations. Next, learn how to create full-screen presentations with Impress. Discover layouts, presentation options, and techniques for running a slide show. After that you'll learn to create and manage objects, shapes, and other graphical content in Draw. Finally, finish things up in Base, OpenOffice.org's database application. Learn how to create tables, enter data via a customized form, and run queries. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Welcome to OpenOffice.org
About OpenOffice.org Suite
Installing OpenOffice on a PC
Installing OpenOffice on a Mac

Getting Started in Writer

A Tour of the Interface
Status Bar
Customizing the Interface
Customizing Toolbars
Resetting Toolbars
Creating Custom Toolbars
Creating New Documents
Saving Your Work

Working with Text

Inserting Text
Opening Different File Formats
Cut / Copy / Paste
Using Paste Special
Text Selection Techniques
Inserting Special Characters
Undo / Redo / Repeat

Formatting Text

Basic Character Formatting
Changing Capitalization
Additional Character Formatting
Setting Hyperlinks
Applying Paragraph Formatting pt. 1
Applying Paragraph Formatting pt. 2
Building Paragraph Formatting
Formatting with Styles
Creating a Custom Style
Modifying a Style
Setting Tabs pt. 1
Setting Tabs pt. 2

Changing Page Layout

Page Options & Document Properties
Manually Adjusting Margins
Setting Full Page Margins
Creating Headers & Footers pt. 1
Creating Headers & Footers pt. 2
Inserting Header & Footer Fields
Creating a Multi-Column Document

Inserting Tables & Graphics

Techniques for Inserting Tables
Adding Content to Tables
Table Formatting
Inserting Graphics

Welcome to Calc

A Tour of the Interface
Navigating in a Worksheet
Customizing the Interface
Saving Your Work

Entering Data

Inserting Content
Filling in Content Automatically
Additional Insertion Options
Inserting Sample Content
Selection Techniques
Defining Ranges
Inserting Rows & Columns
Deleting Rows & Columns
Copying & Moving Data pt. 1
Copying & Moving Data pt. 2

Applying Formatting

Using the Formatting Toolbar
Changing Heights & Widths
Copying Cell Formatting
Removing Cell Formatting
Formatting Cells
Additional Cell Formatting
Conditional Formatting pt. 1
Conditional Formatting pt. 2

Formulas & Functions

Formula Basics
Getting Started with Functions
Using the Functions Wizard

Creating Presentations with Impress

Using the Presentation Wizard
Exploring the Impress Interface
Presentation Views
Saving a Presentation
Inserting Additional Slides
Setting Slide Layouts
Inserting Text
Rearranging / Deleting / Copying Slides
Formatting Text pt. 1
Formatting Text pt. 2
Designing a Presentation
Running a Presentation

Creating Graphics with Draw

A Tour of the Interface
Setting the Paper Size
Drawing Rectangles & Squares
Drawing Ovals & Circles
Drawing Arrows & Lines
Creating Additional Objects
Object Attributes
Rotating & Modifying Objects
Managing Objects

Databasing with Base

Creating a New Database
Touring the Base Interface
Creating Tables
Working with Forms
Keying in Data
Working with Queries


Wrap Up


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