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Objective-C and Xcode Essential Training Tutorial

Objective-C is a fun and exciting language to program with. It is also the de-facto language used to program on the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. This course focuses on the Objective-C language and building simple applications for the desktop. Many Objective-C classes and development techniques are explored. Whether you are wanting to build applications for the desktop or the mobile devices, this is the first step and it will get you started on the path to becoming a Cocoa programmer! Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.




Setting Up a FREE Developer Account
Logging In - Downloading & Installing Xcode


Setting Preferences
Overview pt. 1
Overview pt. 2
Writing Your First Program - "Hello World!"
Setting __MyCompanyName__ Variable
Adding User Scripts

Getting Familiar with Objective-C

NSString pt. 1
NSString pt. 2
NSMutableString pt. 1
NSMutableString pt. 2
NSArray pt. 1
NSArray pt. 2
Loops pt. 1
Loops pt. 2

Continuing Examples with Interface Builder

If - else - else if pt. 1
If - else - else if pt. 2
If - else - else if pt. 3
Ternary Operator pt. 1
Ternary Operator pt. 2
NSUserDefaults pt. 1
NSUserDefaults pt. 2
NSUserDefaults pt. 3
NSUserDefaults pt. 4
NSUserDefaults pt. 5

Building a More Complex Application

TwitterMe Overview
Building the UI pt. 1
Building the UI pt. 2
Subclassing NSWindow pt. 1
Subclassing NSWindow pt. 2
Modal Window as Sheet
Getting User Credentials Submit Button
@property & @synthesize
Verifying User Credentials & #define pt. 1
Verifying User Credentials & #define pt. 2
Authenticate Credentials - NSTask pt. 1
Authenticate Credentials - NSTask pt. 2
Authenticate Credentials - NSTask pt. 3
Parsing XML with NSXMLDocument pt. 1
Parsing XML with NSXMLDocument pt. 2
Re-factoring pt. 1
Re-factoring pt. 2
Re-factoring pt. 3
Re-factoring pt. 4
Providing the User Feedback pt. 1
Providing the User Feedback pt. 2
Modal Sheet Using NSAlert
Private Category
Application Delegate Methods pt. 1
Application Delegate Methods pt. 2
NSNotificationCenter pt. 1
NSNotificationCenter pt. 2
NSAttributedString pt. 1
NSAttributedString pt. 2
Posting an Update pt. 1
Posting an Update pt. 2
Creating TinyUrl - NSScanner


Wrap Up


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