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Novell NetWare 6.5 Admin Tutorial

NetWare 6.5 builds upon Novell's premier product line, Novell NetWare. With NetWare 6.5, Novell has embraced the Open Source Software movement by incorporating internet standards into NetWare 6.5, which has recently been renamed "Open Enterprise Server" to reflect this. In this tutorial, author Greg Dickinson will cover the basics of administering a NetWare 6.5 network, from installing the server operating system, to administering eDirectory and printing, and supporting LAN and remote users using built-in technologies. To begin learning simply click the links.

* Due to their large file size, work files are not available for download. Per request, a DVD containing these work files is available for active Online University members.

Course Overview

Course Overview

Introduction To Netware 6.5

Introduction To NetWare 6.5

Planning a Netware Installation

Pre-Installation Planning
Hardware Requirements

Installing Netware 6.5

Installing NetWare 6.5 Pt.1
Installing NetWare 6.5 Pt.2
Installing NetWare 6.5 Pt.3
Installing NetWare 6.5 Pt.4
Installing NetWare 6.5 Pt.5
Installing NetWare 6.5 Pt.6
Installing Additional NetWare Servers
Additional Products to Existing Servers

Accessing the Network

Workstation Setup Pt.1
Workstation Setup Pt.2
Workstation Configuration

Administrative Tools

ConsoleOne Pt.1
ConsoleOne Pt.2
iManager Pt.1
iManager Pt.2
Novell Remote Manager Pt.1
Novell Remote Manager Pt.2
Server Console GUI


Basics of eDirectory Pt.1
Basics of eDirectory Pt.2
Basics of eDirectory Pt.3
Basics of eDirectory Pt.4
eDirectory Security Pt.1
eDirectory Security Pt.2
eDirectory Security Pt.3
Basic eDirectory Admin Pt.1
Basic eDirectory Admin Pt.2

User Administration

Adding a User Pt.1
Adding a User Pt.2
Adding a User Pt.3
Adding a User Pt.4
Changing User Properties Pt.1
Changing User Properties Pt.2

Network File Services

Sys Volume
Introduction to NSS Pt.1
Introduction to NSS Pt.2
Volume Manipulation Pt.1
Volume Manipulation Pt.2
Volume Manipulation Pt.3
Filesystem Rights Overview
Filesystem Rights Lab Pt.1
Filesystem Rights Lab Pt.2
Filesystem Rights Lab Pt.3

Network Printing

Describe Components Pt.1
Describe Components Pt.2
Installing & Configuring iPrint Pt.1
Installing & Configuring iPrint Pt.2
Adding Printers & Drivers Pt.1
Adding Printers & Drivers Pt.2
Adding Printers & Drivers Pt.3


Overview & Setup
Administration Pt.1
Administration Pt.2
Reporting & Monitoring Pt.1
Reporting & Monitoring Pt.2
Reporting & Monitoring Pt.3
User Experience

Server Management From the Console

eDirectory Maintenance
Disk & Volume Maintenance Pt.1
Disk & Volume Maintenance Pt.2
Monitor Pt.1
Monitor Pt.2
Monitor Pt.3
Monitor Pt.4
Other Tools Pt.1
Other Tools Pt.2

Basic Network Security

Securing the Network Pt.1
Securing the Network Pt.2
Netware & Firewalls

Wrapping It Up

Concepts Covered

Certification Exams

Certified Novell Administrator

About the Author

Gregory Dickinson CNE

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