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Netscape 6 Tutorial

Netscape 6 is a suite of software that includes Internet browsing, email and instant messaging. With Netscape you can locate, access and view pages on the Internet and customize the browser to meet your personal and business needs. Virtual Training Company author Linda Young begins by briefly going over how the web works and surfing the web. She then covers many features of Netscape such as setting up bookmarks, checking your mail, using instant messenger, NetBusiness and more. See what you can learn by clicking one of the topics below now.

Welcome to Netscape

Getting Acquainted
Versions of Netscape
Download to Windows
Download to Mac
Download Options
What's New
NetCenter Sign-up

How the Web Works

How it Began
Traveling the Net
Understanding URLs
Choosing an ISP

Surfing the Web

Search Engines
Parts of an Engine
Alta Vista
More Google
Yahoo Again
Meta Crawler

The Components

Touring Netscape
Setup Profile
Netscape Navigator
Netscape Mail
Netscape Composer
Instant Messenger
Fun Features

Customize Navigator

Starting Navigator
My Netscape
Include Color
Modify Text
Change Fonts
Alter Themes
Language Setup
Translate Pages
My Sidebar

Mastering Plug-ins

How They Work
Flash Player
Real Player
Installing Real Player
Using Real Player
Internet Postage
Using Stamps.com
Netzip Classic
Using Netzip Classic
Image Viewers
Smart Update

Using Bookmarks

What Are Bookmarks?
Adding URLs
Changing Bookmarks
Searching Bookmarks
New Folders
History File

Mail Set-up

Getting Started
Quick Tour
Account Setup
Changing Accounts
Set Preferences

Check Your Mail

Reading e-mail
Sorting Messages
Composing Message
Spell Check
Rich Text
Send Mail
Organize Messages
Filter Messages

Address Books

How They Work
Adding Cards
New Address Books
Mailing Lists
Import Addresses

News Groups

How They Work
Reading Messages

Netscape Composer

Web Page Basics
Planning Your Site
Creating a Page
Editing Tools
Altering Fonts
Use Color
Include Graphics
Construct Links
Insert Table
Adding Table Info
Set Preferences
Publish Page

Instant Messenger

How It Works
Getting Started
New User Setup
Your Privacy
Create Profile
General Preferences
Adding Audio
Checking Mail
Talk Preferences
Chat Preferences

Using IM

Express Tour
Buddy Lists
Send Instant Message
Invite to Talk
Request a Chat


Signing Up
Set-up Wizard
PC2 Phone Calling
PC2PC Calling
Voice Mail
Other Choices


Introducing NetBusiness
Set Preferences
Sign Up / Modify
Market Place
Manage Your Business

Privacy & Security

Safe Surfing
Security Manager
Password Manager
Forms Manager
Cookies at Work
Cookie Manger
Security Center
Extra Security

Exploring Channels

Netscape Channels
Book a Trip
Shopping Tips
Go Shopping
Research & Learn
Manage Your Money
Tax Center
Your Health
Counting Calories
Other Channels

Netscape Glossary and Help

Netscape Help
Technical Help
Feedback Center
Glossary A- L
Glossary M - Z

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