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MySQL 5 Development (Part 1) Tutorial

As with any significant software product, MySQL is a broad subject for study and there is a lot we must know to be able to use it effectively. David Swain's MySQL 5 Development Part 1 course for VTC is the first in a training series intended to provide a solid foundation on which to build MySQL mastery. In this introductory course, we learn a number of non-destructive, read-only techniques for retrieving data from a MySQL database, as well as some useful history and practical background information about MySQL. We focus on statement and expression syntax and "why" those elements are written in a specific way. Further study exercises are provided for many of the hands-on lessons. Click the movie links below to get started now!


What This Course Will Cover
System Requirements
A Brief History of MySQL
Help on the MySQL Web Site
Online Manual Demonstration pt. 1
Online Manual Demonstration pt. 2

Database Basics

Client/Server Systems
Database Design in a Nutshell
Databases in MySQL


Installation Basics
Mac OS X
What We Installed
Starting and Stopping MySQL


MySQL Server Configuration
Server Startup Options
MySQL Configuration File
Important Configuration Options

Client Programs

Command Line Operations
Using a Command Line Client
Command Line Client Help File
MySQL Client Batch Mode
MySQL Client Interactive Mode pt. 1
MySQL Client Interactive Mode pt. 2
MySQL Client Interactive Mode pt. 3
Executing Scripts
Exploring Databases and Tables

SELECT Statement Basics

SELECT Arithmetic
Selecting More Than One Column
Operators and Functions
Column Aliases
Data Type Basics


What is a Variable?
User Variables
Assignment Operator
SET Statement
System Variables
Variable Scope

Calculations and Expressions

New Values From Old
Operators and Operands
Arithmetic Operators
String Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Order of Precedence
Functions and Parameters
Useful Numeric Functions
Useful Character String Functions
Temporal Operations
Useful Temporal Functions
Decision-Making Functions
NULL-Related Functions
Useful System Functions

Querying SQL Data

Using a Database
Selecting FROM a Table
Targeting Rows Using WHERE
Complex WHERE Criteria
Sorting Results Using ORDER BY
Going to Extremes Using LIMIT
Avoiding Duplicates Using DISTINCT
Aggregation Queries
Subtotals Using GROUP BY
Filter Derived Columns with HAVING
Multilevel Sums Using WITH ROLLUP
Summarizing SELECT Clauses
Some Clauses Cannot Coexist

Databases and Tables

Databases in MySQL
Creating a Database
Aspects of a Table
Creating a Table
Table Options
Column Options
Altering a Table
Adding and Dropping Columns
Altering a Column
Dropping a Table
Dropping a Database

Data Type Details

Data Type Categories
Integer Numbers
Floating Point Numbers
Fixed Decimal Numbers
BIT Data Type
Basic Character Strings
ENUM Character Strings
SET Character Strings
Character Sets
Fonts and Keystroke Mapping
Binary Strings
Temporal Data
Timestamp and Time Types

Storage Engines

Storage Engine Basics
Discovering Storage Engines
Third Party Engines

Exporting Data

Basic Export Concepts
Exporting Using SQL Commands pt. 1
Exporting Using SQL Commands pt. 2
Exporting on the Shell Command Line
Using MySQLDUMP for Scripts
Using MySQLDUMP for Exporting

Prepared Statements

Prepared Statement Basics
Prepared Statement Demonstration
Commands That Can Be Prepared
When to Use Them

Server Information

SHOW Commands
MySQLSHOW Command Line Client
Information_Schema Database pt. 1
Information_Schema Database pt. 2


What We Covered
Where to Go from Here


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