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Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorial

This VTC course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to use Microsoft Word 2010 for creating and distributing documents. The course moves from a study of the Word interface through creating documents and then adding objects to them, such as smart art graphics, WordArt and charts. There is a focus on Word tools appropriate to working with long documents, such as headers and footers, footnotes and indexes. The course author Helen Bradley teaches Microsoft Word 2010 with a business approach, showing tools that can be used to automate formatting and which help participants to work more effectively with Microsoft Word. Included in the course are topics on mail merge, working collaboratively, creating business diagrams, working with tables and advanced file management. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Introduction to Word 2010
The Ribbon
Backstage View
Mini Toolbar & Task Panes
Shortcut Menus
Document Views
Get Help

Work with Files

Open & Close a Document
Save a Document
Create a New Document
Use a Document Template
Print a Document

Work with Text

Insert & Edit Text
Select Text
Basic Text Formatting
Text Formatting Tips & Tricks
Cut / Copy & Move Text
Work with the Clipboard
Type a List

Editing tools

Spelling & Grammar Check pt. 1
Spelling & Grammar Check pt. 2
Using Find & Replace
Using AutoCorrect
Using Quick Parts
Translate Text

More Advanced Formatting

Fonts & Font Size
Text Effects & WordArt
Format Painter
Insert Special Characters
Drop Caps
Create & Remove Hyperlinks

Line Paragraph & Page Formatting

Paragraph Alignment
Line Spacing
Indents & Hanging Indents
Bullets & Numbering
Borders & Shading
Paper Size & Orientation
Set Page Margins
Using Tabs for Aligning Text
Types of Tabs
Set Custom Tabs

Work with Long Documents

Headers & Footers
Create Cover pages
Page Numbering
Page & Section Breaks
Change Page Setup
Footnotes & Endnotes
Create Columns pt. 1
Create Columns pt. 2
Work with Bookmarks
Navigation Pane
Create an Index


Create a Table
Type Text in a Table
Insert & Delete Rows & Columns
Navigate & Selection in a Table
Merge & Split Cells
Create Table Header Rows
Sort Table Data pt. 1
Sort Table Data pt. 2
Set & Use Tabs in Tables pt. 1
Set & Use Tabs in Tables pt. 2
Format a Table
Calculations in a Table pt. 1
Calculations in a Table pt. 2
Convert Between Text & Tables
Create Labels with Tables
Save a Table Design


Format Text with Styles
Modify a Style
Create & Apply Styles
Use Styles & Themes
Import & Export Styles pt. 1
Import & Export Styles pt. 2
Styles in Draft View
Create a Table of Contents

Customize Word

Customize the Ribbon
Configure Custom Settings pt. 1
Configure Custom Settings pt. 2
Create a Template
Record a Macro
Play a Macro

Work Collaboratively

Track Changes
Accept or Reject Changes
Add Comments

Mail Merge

Introduction to Mail Merge
Create a Mail Merge
Use an Existing Data Source
Use Merge Fields
Envelopes & Labels
Directory Merge
Email Merge

Work with Graphics

Insert a Graphic
Configure Text Wrap
Style a Graphic
Create a Watermark
Create a SmartArt Graphic pt. 1
Create a SmartArt Graphic pt. 2
Create an Organization Chart
Capture & Insert a Screenshot
Correct an Image
Modify an Image
Create a Simple Drawing
Arrange & Group Shapes
Flip & Rotate
Use Align & Distribute
Insert a Chart
Create a Text Box

Advanced File Management

Compare Documents
Inspect a Document
Recover Unsaved Files
Password Protection
Restrict Document Editing
Backward Compatibility

Wrap Up

Review / Final Thoughts


About the Author

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