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Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft Word 2007 is one of the most robust upgrades in years. With its easy to use interface and advanced set of writing tools, users will be able to create and share great looking documents with ease. In this VTC course, author and Noted Expert, Brian Culp, takes users through the many new features of this essential word processing tool. The focus throughout is on how to leverage the many new features to unlock your creativity, and to make your word processing more efficient than ever before. To get started, simply click on one of the movie links.

A Look Around

Welcome and What is New
The Word 2007 Interface
Using the Ribbon
Using the Mini Toolbar
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Using the Document Views

Working With Text

Opening a New File
Insert and Edit Text
Text Navigation
Changing Text Properties
Use Find and Replace

Save and Printing Documents

Save a Word Document
The New File Extensions
Open a Recent Document
Protecting Content
Print a Document
Save a Document As a Template

Advanced Text

Formatting Text
Changing the Font
Apply Indents and Spacing
Add a Symbol
Creating a List
Set Tabs
Modify Tabs
Create an Outline
Apply a Style
Change an Existing Style
Creating a New Style
Compare Formatting
Review Formatting
Paragraph Shading
Controlling Pagination
Paragraph Borders
Switching Windows
Insert a Hyperlink
Document Margins
Orientation and Size

Combine Graphics and Text

Insert a Screen Capture
Insert Word Art
Insert a Photo
Insert Clip Art
Insert Smart Art
Insert a Shape
Format a Shape
Use a Theme
Add a Page Border
Text Wrapping Options
More Text Wrapping
Insert a Watermark
Insert Figure Caption
Insert Table of Figures
Insert Audio and Video

Using Long Documents

Insert a Page Number
Getting a Word Count
Insert a Section Break
Adding Footnotes and Endnotes
Working with Headers
Working with Footers
Create a Bookmark
Document Map
Work with Columns
Line Numbering
Tables of Contents
Custom TOC
Add an Index
Create Bibliography
Add a Cover Page

Combine Data and Text

Insert a Table
Modify a Table
Working With Table Cells
Split Cells and Tables
Perform Table Calculations
Insert a Chart
Insert Research Material
Envelopes and Labels
Change Return Address
a Mail Merge
Finish a Mail Merge Start
Print a Mail Merge


Use AutoCorrect to Reduce Mistakes
Use AutoComplete To Save Time
Use Smart Tags
Use the Thesaurus
Customize the Dictionary
Correct Your Spelling
Correct Your Grammar
Perform Research On Topics
Translate To Another Language
Customize the Proofing Tools
Add a Comment
Track Changes
Accept or Reject Changes
Mark Document as Final
Inspect a Document
Compare Documents Side by Side
Combine Documents
Print Changes
Hide Text

Customize and Automate

Customize the Ribbon
Customize the Quick Launch Toolbar
Add Ribbon Command to Quick Launch
Creating a Macro
Edit a Macro
Use QuickParts
Add a Template
Dictating Text
Advanced Save Options

Cool Tips and Tricks

Create Any Document
Insert Into Document
Create a PowerPoint Slide in Word
Use a Drop Cap
Convert Footnotes to Endnotes
Change Document Properties
View Styles At a Glance
Change the Normal Template
Blogging in Word
Fixing Word

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

About the Author

About the Author

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