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Microsoft Word 2003 Tutorial

With Microsoft Word 2003 you can do a whole lot more than just create a simple text document or write a letter. You can do everything from creating colorful brochures and printing envelopes to writing your resume and designing a web page. In this VTC tutorial, author Laurie Fuller will guide you through the basic steps of creating and editing documents. You will learn how to add tables and graphics, as well as format and change style types. Once you master the basics, you can learn other features of Word 2003, such as merging letters and addresses for mass mailings or integration with Excel. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Word 2003 lessons.

Getting to Know Word

Touring Word Menus & Toolbars
Working with Word Views
Touring a Typical Business Letter
Touring a Long Document
Basic Word Customization

Creating/Saving/Printing Documents

New/Blank Document
Starting with a Word Template
Typing Text Tips Pt.1
Typing Text Tips Pt.2
Typing Lists
Navigating a Word Document
Selecting & Editing Your Text Pt.1
Selecting & Editing Your Text Pt.2
Cutting/Copying/Moving Text
Using Find & Replace
Saving Word Files
Saving Document Versions
Creating Templates
Printing Word Documents
Using the Spelling & Grammar Check
Customizing Word Proofing Tools Pt.1
Customizing Word Proofing Tools Pt.2
The Thesaurus
Tracking Editorial Changes
Accepting & Rejecting Changes

Formatting Text

The Formatting Toolbar
Working with the Font Dialog Box
Applying Indents & Spacing
Controlling Pagination
Applying Styles
Modifying Styles
Creating New Styles
Formatting Bulleted Lists
Formatting Numbered Lists
Applying Text Colors & Highlights
Shading Lines & Paragraphs
Applying Paragraph Borders
Creating a Decorative Drop Cap
Inserting a Text Hyperlink

Setting Margins/Paper Size/Layout

Changing Margins & Orientation
Choosing a Paper Size & Source
Applying a Page Border
Inserting a Page Background
Applying a Page Theme

Working With Long Documents

Inserting Page Numbers
Headers & Footers Pt.1
Headers & Footers Pt.2
Inserting Section Breaks
Varying Section Headers & Footers
Combining Multiple Documents
Table of Contents Basics
Creating a Table of Contents
Index Basics
Building an Index
Inserting Footnotes
Creating Bookmarks

Creating Tables

Inserting a Uniform Table
Drawing a Table Freehand
Navigating/Populating a Table
Inserting/Splitting/Merging Cells
Adjusting Table Width & Height
Deleting Rows/ Columns/Tables
Formatting Table Appearance
Sorting & Calculating in Tables

Setting Tabs & Columns

Typing a Tabbed List
Creating Custom Tabs from the Ruler
Using the Tabs Dialog Box
Applying Columns to Text

Graphical Content in a Document

Inserting Clipart Images
Adding a Photo or Other Image
Scanned & Digital Camera Images
Using the Picture Toolbar
Drawing Your Own Shapes & Lines
Creating WordArt
Wrapping Text Around Images
Inserting an Organization Chart
Adding Different Types of Diagrams
Importing an Excel Chart

Merging Data With Documents

Setting Up a Form Letter
Setting Up Form Letter Data Fields
Building a Database in Word
Merging the Letter & Your Database
Customizing Your Merge with Filters
Sorting Your Merged Output
Saving & Resaving Merge Documents
Merging & Printing Labels
Merging & Printing Envelopes
Creating a Directory with Mail Merge Pt.1
Creating a Directory with Mail Merge Pt.2


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