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Microsoft Windows XP Fundamentals Tutorial

Windows XP, the latest operating system from Microsoft, combines the compatibility of Windows 95/98 with the stability and security of Windows NT. This Virtual Training Company tutorial covers the fundamentals of Windows XP in way that can be understood even by those who have never used Windows before. Whether you are using the home or professional version, instructor Mark Virtue makes using XP easy. He begins by introducing you to the menus and their options, and then moves to the use of programs, files, and folders. He even helps you get started on the Internet, and shows you some fun things like painting and playing music and games. To get started now, simply click one of the topics below.


About this Course
What is Windows XP?
Versions of Windows

Whats New?

The New Look
Logging in and Switching Users
The New Start Menu
The System Taskbar and Tray
Compressed Files
Windows Messenger and Passport
Working with Files and Folders
Creating CDs and Digital Audio Files
Internet and Network Connections
Compatibility Mode
Scanning Images and Documents
File Security and Sharing

Getting Started with Windows XP

The Start Menu
Common Tasks and Menus

Using Programs

Running Programs
WordPad - A Case Study
Opening and Saving Files
Cut, Copy & Paste
Managing Badly-Behaved Programs

Using Files and Folders

Introduction to Windows Explorer
File Structure
Copying and Moving Files
Renaming Files
Deleting and Recovering Files
Finding Files


Connecting to and Surfing the Internet


Playing Music and Video

Basic System Administration

Customising your Desktop
The Control Panel
Creating Users
Audio Adjustment
Adding Printers
Folder Options
Installing and Uninstalling New Software
Customising the Start Menu
The Quick Launch Toolbar
Disk Checking and Defragmentation
The End


About the Author

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