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Microsoft Windows XP Administration (70-270) Tutorial

Virtual Training Company's Microsoft Windows XP Admin tutorial is an excellent resource in preparation for the Microsoft Certification Exam #70-270. Certified Instructor Bill Ferguson guides you through installing Windows XP, including automated installation, troubleshooting the boot process, and configuring your hardware. He also helps you with managing the desktop, both for a user and an administrator, and with connecting within a network and through remote access. At the end of this tutorial, he will give you some tips helpful for taking the Microsoft Certification test. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

Introduction and Overview

Intro and Overview

Installing Windows XP Professional

Installing Windows XP Professional Overview
System Requirements
File Systems
Hardware and Software Compatibility
Workgroups vs. Domains
Steps to a Clean Installation
Upgrading to Windows XP
Dual Booting
User Setting Migration Tools
Post Installation Tasks
Troubleshooting Installations

Automation of an Installation

Answer File and UDF Values During Setup
Setup Manager Wizard
Installing Setup Manager
Configuring Setup Manager
Setup Values
Creating and Deploying an Image
Sysprep.inf and Sysprep.exe
Remote Installation Services

Understanding the Boot Process

Overview of the Boot Process
Pre-Boot and Boot Sequences
Kernel and Log On Sequences
The Boot.ini file and ARC Paths
Boot.ini. Switches
Advanced Boot Options and Recovery Console
System Restore Points

Hardware Configuration

Hardware Configuration Overview
Hardware Requirements
Driver Signing
Driver Updates
Driver Rollback
Adding and Removing Hardware
Troubleshooting Hardware
Viewing Hidden Devices
Viewing Non-Present Devices
Understanding Resource Settings
Resource Settings and the Troubleshooter Tool

User Desktop Settings

Managing the Desktop - Overview
Display Properties
Customizing the Desktop
Configuring Accessibility Options
Keyboard and Sound Accessibility Options
Mouse, Magnifier, & Narrator
Configuring Regional Options
User Profiles
Environment Variables and Startup and Recovery Options
Remote Assistance

Administering Connectivity

Connectivity Overview
User Accounts
The Authentication Process - Local
The MMC and Local Security
Logon Options in a Workgroup
Networking Options in a Workgroup
Internet Connection, Folder, and Printer Sharing
Configuring Network Options in a Domain
Internet Connection Firewalls

Understanding TCP/IP

Overview of TCP/IP
The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Internet and Transport Layer Protocols
Application Layer Protocols
Classful IP Addressing
Understanding Binary Numbers
Subnet Masks
Classless Inter-Domain Routing
Configuring IP Addresses
Troubleshooting TCP/IP

Name Resolution

Name Resolution Overview
Domain Name System
NetBIOS Name Resolution
Windows Internet Name Server
Working With the LMHosts file
Name Resolution Processes
Dynamic Updates
Troubleshooting Name Resolution

Using Remote Access Connectivity

Overview of Remote Access
Connection Options
Remote Access Protocols
Virtual Private Networks
Authentication Protocols
Encryption Protocols
Remote Desktop
User Names and Passwords for RAS

Mobile Computing

Overview of Mobile Computing
Hardware Configuration
Power Management
Offline Files and Folders

Disk Management

Overview of Disk Management and Basic Disks
Dynamic Disks and Conversion
Viewing Disk Properties
Managing Volumes and Partitions
Defragmenting Volumes

File Systems

Overview of File Systems
FAT and FAT 32
Converting File Systems
Data Compression
Encrypting a File with EFS
Recovering a File with EFS


Interoperability Overview
Client Services for Netware
Configuring NWLink
Netware Logon and Printing
Print Services for Unix and Telnet

Computer and OS Management

Management Overview
The System Information Tool
Task Manager
Event Viewer

How to Take and Pass the 70-270 Test

Preparing for the Test
The Day of the Test


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