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Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorial

Windows Vista is Microsoft's latest Operating system. New features of the system include set up ease, more security and reliability, and compatibility with the widest range of software, devices, and services. Windows Vista contains a number of new security features including built in firewall and spam filter. Windows Vista also has a new design with a high ends graphical user interface and new desktop features. author Eric Butow, guides users through the basics of the new and updated features of this major operating system upgrade. To begin learning simply click the links.

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About This CD
New in Windows Vista
Overview of Windows Vista
Logging On
The Welcome Center
Security Features
Logging Off

The Windows Desktop

The Taskbar
The Start Menu
The Windows Sidebar
Using Gadgets
Starting A Program
Parts of a Window
Getting From One Window Level to Another
Accessing Built-In Folders
Search from the Start Menu
Finding Assistance & Troubleshooting

Personalizing Windows

Access the Personalization Window
Change the Window Color & Appearance
Choose the Desk top Background
Set the Screen Saver
Change Your Sounds
Mouse Pointers
Change the Theme
Adjust the Display Settings
Change Desktop Icons
Adjust the Font Size
Connect to a Projector
Customize the Taskbar & Start Menu
Change Folder Options
Increase Windows Accessibility
Add or Remove a Font
Change the Date & Time
Turn Windows Features On & Off

Installing & Uninstalling Software

View Installed Programs
Installing a Program from a CD or DVD
Get New Programs from Windows Marketplace
Manage Programs with Digital Locker
Uninstall a Program
View Installed Updates
Run an Older Program in Windows Vista
Install Windows Updates
Install Optional Vista & Driver Updates

Adding & Removing Hardware

Automatic Installation
Add a USB Device
Add or Remove a Printer
Install Printer Drivers
Add a Second Monitor
Set up a Bluetooth Device
Disable or Uninstall Hardware

Build a Network

Open the Network & Sharing Center
Connect to a Network
Setup a Connection or Network
Manage Network Connections
Manage a Wireless Network
Diagnose & Repair Network Connections
Connect with People Near Me
Synchronize with Other Devices
Setup Offline Files
Switching Users

Maintaining Security

Turn User Account Control On & Off
Access the Security Center
Change Security Center Settings
Set Up the Windows Firewall
Update Windows
Scan for Spyware Using Windows Defender
Change Internet Security Settings
Delete Browser History & Cookies
Manage Browser Add-Ons
Establish Parental Controls
Encrypt Data on Your Hard Drive
Setting File & Folder Security

Adding Users & Changing User Data

Access the User Accounts Window
Change Your Account Type
Change Your Password
Remove Your Password
Change Your Picture
Change Your Account Name
Add or Remove Another Account
Configure User Profiles

Maintaining & Monitoring Windows Vista

Opening the System & Maintenance Window
Find the Version of Windows
View System Information
View Hardware & Update Device Drivers
Check Updates & Set Automatic Updates
Change Your Power Options
View Problem Reports & Solutions
Improve Your System Performance
View Computer & Hard Drive Information
Free Up Hard Drive Space
Defragment Your Hard Drive
Create & Format Hard Drive Partitions
Backup & Restore Your System
Create a Password Reset Disk
Manage User Names & Passwords
Manage File Encryption Certificates
View Event Logs
Schedule Tasks

Using Windows Explorer

Opening the Windows Explorer Window
The Address Bar & Breadcrumbs
The Toolbar
Window Panes
Opening the Menu Bar
Selecting Files
Viewing File Properties & Meta information
Zipping & Packing Files
Customizing File & Folder Views


Searching from the Start Menu
Searching in a Window
Opening the Search Window from the Start Menu
Searching in Internet Explorer
Advanced Searching
Changing Searching & Indexing Options

Using Windows Media Player

Opening Windows Media Player
Viewing Your Library
Create a Playlist
Rip an Audio CD
Burn a CD
Synchronize with an External Device
Browse URGE & Other Online Music Stores
Change Media Player Options

Viewing Photos & Videos

Open Windows Photo Gallery
The Toolbar
The Window Panes
Change Views
Add a Photo Tag & Caption
Add & Change Ratings
View Photo File Properties
Fixing a Photo
Viewing Your Photo Album
Opening the Videos Folder
View Video File Properties
Running a Video Full Screen
Make & Edit a Movie in Windows Movie Maker

Using Internet Explorer 7

Opening Internet Explorer 7
The Address Bar
The Toolbar
View the Menu & Links Bars
Open a New Tab
Add a Favorite
Open a Favorite
Change & Go to Your Home Page
View Your History
Send a Page or Link by E-Mail
Change Internet Options
Change Your Search Engine

Course Wrap Up



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