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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Tutorial

Windows Server 2008 is Microsoft’s newest server operating system. This new version is not just ‘window’ dressing, there are major architectural changes and major new enhancements that administrators will welcome. Microsoft has concentrated on enhancing security by reducing the attack surface and making enterprise administration and configuration more consistent. In this course, Mark Long will introduce you to what is new and different about this new server operating system, while reinforcing the foundation of the world’s most popular server operating system. He will introduce you to the new management tools and scenarios, enhancements such as PowerShell, IPv6 and step you through the installation and basic setup of one of the most exciting new additions to the Windows Server family, ServerCore. To begin learning today, simply click the links.

Course Overview

Course Overview
History of Windows Server
Windows Server 2008 Overview
Windows Server 2008 & Vista

Windows Server 2008 Basics

System Requirements
First Look at Server 2008
Windows Server Architecture
The Vista Connection
Roles and Features pt. 1
Roles and Features pt. 2
Roles and Features pt. 3

Installation & Deployment

Differences About this Installation
Windows Imaging Format
Windows Automated Installation Kit
Installing Windows Server 2008 pt. 1
Installing Windows Server 2008 pt. 2
Microsoft Solutions Framework
Windows Deployment Services

Network Services

New In Network Services
Network Access Protection pt. 1
Network Access Protection pt. 2
IPv6 pt. 1
IPv6 pt. 2
TCP/IP Config

Active Directory

Active Directory Overview
Active Directory Organization
New In Active Directory
Creating A Domain Controller pt. 1
Creating A Domain Controller pt. 2
Domain Functional Levels
Read-Only Domain Controllers

System Management

Group Policy
Group Policy Basics
Managing Group Policy pt. 1
Managing Group Policy pt. 2
Forcing Group Policy Updates
Troubleshooting Group Policy
New in Group Policy

File System

File System Basics
New in the File System
Full-Volume Encryption

Managing Windows Server 2008

Differences About Server Management
ICT Console
Server Manager
Storage Manager
Task Scheduler
Command-Line Tools


Installing PowerShell
Command Guide


New in Security
Security Configuration Wizard

Terminal Server

TS Basics
Remote Desktop
Installing TS
Remote Applications

Server Core

Server Core
Server Core Installation
Managing Server Core pt. 1
Managing Server Core pt. 2
Managing Server Core pt. 3

Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up


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