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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (70-294) Tutorial

This VTC course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to take and pass the Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 70-294 exam. The course focuses on the Windows Server 2003 Directory Service environment, including the components of Active Directory, installation and configuration, physical Active Directory components; sites; domain controllers, implementation of a global catalog server, topology, Group Policy Objects, and more. MCSE Author - Brian Culp teaches the Microsoft exam objectives while providing necessary background information, essential to the student’s success. To start learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory

Installing Server 2003 Versions
Correcting Setup Problems
Changing the Interface/Adding a Theme
Schema/Global Catalog/Namespace
Installing Active Directory
Objects in Active Directory

Physical Active Directory Components

Creating a Site to Control Replication
Adding a Subnet/Moving a Subnet
Site Properties
Replication Within Sites (Intra-site)
Replication Between Sites (Inter-site)
Using SMPTOP/Site Link Bridges
Configure Preferred Bridgehead Servers
Implementing a Global Catalog Server
Adding Attributes to the Global Catalog
Forest-Wide Operations Master Roles
Domain-Wide Operations Master
Transfer FSMO Roles

The Logical Active Directory Components

Domains Trees Forests
Organizational Units
Delegation of Control
Application Data Partitions
Create a Child Domain
Domain Functional Modes
Renaming a Domain Controller
Forest Functional Modes
Renaming a Domain
Trust Relationships: External and Internal
Shortcut/Realm/Cross-Forest Trusts

Managing and Maintaining an Active Directory

Schema Security and Schema Cache
Adding a Schema Attribute
Adding a UPN Suffix
The NETDOM Utility
SYSVOL Folder and System State
Restore of Active Directory/Restore Types
Non-Authoritative Restore Operations
Perform an Authoritative Restore Operation
Active Directory Utilities

Planning and Implementing Strategies

Creating a Domain User Account
Creating an Account With the Command Line
Moving User Accounts
Creating Lots of Users at Once
Groups in Windows 2003
Creating a Group
Group Nesting
Changing Group Scope
Impact of Universal Groups on Replication
Recommendations for Strong Passwords
Plan a Smart Card Authentication Strategy
Using NTFS Permissions
NTFS Permission Behavior
Setting Permissions with the Command Line
Combining Share and NTFS Permissions
The Effective Permission
Copying and Moving Considerations

Planning and Implementing Group Policy

Group Policy Overview
Creating a Group Policy Object
Default Processing Order
Group Policy Behaviors
Filtering Group Policy
WMI Filters
Manage the Desktop Environment
Redirect Folders
Automatically Enroll User Certificates
Using the Resultant Set of Policy Tools

Manage Software/Security Using Group Policy

Distribute Software Using Group Policy
Advertisement/Default Storage Location
Modifying Packages/Distribute Updates
Software Removal
Security Templates
Importing a Template
Security Configuration and Analysis
Creating an Audit Policy
Reviewing Audit Policy
Software Restriction Policies
Restricted Groups/Using SECEDIT


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