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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (70-292/296) Tutorial

This VTC course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to take and pass the Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 70-292 and 70-296 exams. The course focuses on administrating, implementing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. Included in this course are topics such as: Managing Group Policy, Managing Resources and Security, Stub Zones, Managing IIS 6.0 Web Services, Managing Software Update Services, Planning Security updates and more. Learn how to monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose issues related to service dependencies. Certified Instructor Bill Ferguson teaches the Microsoft exam objectives while providing necessary background information essential to your success. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 70-292/296 lessons.

Introduction & Overview

Overview MCSA Upgrade
Overview MCSE Upgrade

Systems Administrator Overview

Microsoft Definition & Editions of Server
Systems Administrator Tasks

Managing Users/Computers/Groups

New GUI Tools
New Command Line Tools
Best Practices Managing Users
Best Practices

Managing Group Policy

Group Policy without GPMC
Group Policy with GPMC
Group Policy Modeling
Group Policy Reports
Group Policy Results (RSoP)
Best Practices

Managing Resources & Security

Security Overview
Security Templates Overview
Inside of a Security Template Pt.1
Inside of a Security Template Pt.2
Creating Custom Security Templates
Importing Templates Into Group Policy
Security Configuration & Analysis
The Effective Permissions Tool
Best Practices

Managing DNS

DNS Background
Stub Zones/Purpose
Stub Zones/Implementation
Conditional Forwarding/Purpose
Conditional Forwarding/Implementation
Best Practices

Managing Servers

Remote Desktop Connection
Remote Desktop Connection Demo
Remote Desktop MMC
Best Practices

Managing Terminal Services

Terminal Services Overview
Terminal Services Installation
Terminal Services Licensing
Configuring Terminal Services Connections
Configuring Terminal Services Settings
Configuring Terminal Services Licensing
Best Practices

Managing IIS 6.0 Web Services

IIS 6.0 Overview
Installing IIS 6.0
Overview of New IIS Tool
Security Enhancements
Application Pools & Support
Installing Additional Services (ASP.Net)
New Tools & HTML Admin Installation
HTML Administration
Best Practices

Managing Software Update Services

Requirements for SUS
Installing SUS
Configuring SUS
Backing Up SUS
Best Practices

Managing Disaster Recovery

Automated System Recovery
Volume Shadow Copies
Best Practices

Managing Server Roles

Defining Server Roles
Planning Security Updates

Planning DNS

Planning DNS Overview
Stub Zones vs. Conditional Forwarding
_MCDCS Availability
Active Directory Partitions
Best Practices

Planning For Server Availablity

Evaluating Availability & Scalability
Planning Server Clusters
Network Load Balancing

Planning Network Security

IPSec Overview
What IPSec Does
New IPSec Tools Pt.1
New IPSec Tools Pt.2
New IPSec Functionality
Best Practices with IPSec

Planning Certificate Services

Public Key Infrastructure Overview
Types of Encryption & Cryptography
Elements of PKI

Installing Active Directory

Installing Active Directory Overview
Additional Functionality of AD Pt.1
Additional Functionality of AD Pt.2
Additional Functionality of AD Pt.3
Domain & Forest Functional Levels

Managing & Maintaining Active Directory

Active Directory Security
Backup & Recovery of Active Directory

Managing Group Policy

Group Policy Strategy
Software Deployment Using Group Policy
Troubleshooting Group Policy

Tips On Taking The Tests

General Tips
Tips Specific to the 70-292 & 70-296 Tests


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