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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (70-290) Tutorial

This VTC course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to take and pass the Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 70-290 exam. The course focuses on administrating, implementing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. Included in this course are topics such as: administration and security, managing user and group permissions, managing and maintaining printers, print drivers and print permissions and remote administration. Certified MCT, MCSE instructor Bill Ferguson shows you both real world solutions for your network and academic solutions to help you pass the 70-290 exam. To start learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.

Introduction And Overview

Managing Overview


The Windows Server 2003 Family
Logging On and the Security Dialog Box
Installing and Configuring Admin Tools
Creating User Accounts
Creating Computer Accounts
Creating an Organizational Unit Hierarchy

Managing Users And Computers

Modifying User Properties
Modifying Computer Properties
Enabling and Unlocking Accounts
User Account Templates
Finding Users in Active Directory
Creating /Saving Queries in Active Directory
Resetting User and Computer Accounts
Moving Domain Objects

Managing Groups

Group Types and Scopes
Strategies for Using Groups
Creating Groups
Modifying Groups
Best Practices for Groups

Managing Permissions

Overview and Importance
Share Permissions
NTFS Permissions for Folders
NTFS Permissions for Files
NTFS Special Permissions
Best Practices and Combining Permissions
Effective Permissions Tool

Managing Printing

Printers Overview
Installing Printers
Printer Permissions
Printer Drivers
Printer Locations in Active Directory
The Print Spooler
Printer Priorities
Printer Pools
Printer Availablility Scheduling

Managing Organizational Units

Overview and Purpose of OU's
Delegation of Administrative Authority
Distribution of Group Policy
OU Permissions

Managing Group Policy

Group Policy Objects
Creating and Linking a GPO
Filtering GPO's
Using Block Inheritance
Enforcing GPOs
Configuring Group Policy Settings
Assigning Scripts with GPOs
Folder Redirection
Determining Applied GPOs
Group Policy Modelling
Group Policy Results

Managing Security

Managing Security Overview
Predefined Security Templates
Deploying a Custom Security Template
Applying and Testing Security Templates
What is Auditing?, Audit Policy
Determing Events to Audit
Enabling Audit Policy
Managing Security Logs

Remote Administration

Remote Desktop Connections Overview
Connecting to a Remote Desktop
Managing Remote Desktop Connections
Managing Idle and Session Timeouts
Creating a Share on a Local Computer
Defragmenting a Disk on a Remote Computer
Connecting to a Remote Console Session
Creating Shortcuts to Administrative Tools

Monitoring Server Performance

Establishing a Baseline
Real Time Monitoring
Logged Monitoring
Configuring Alerts
Task Manager

Managing Server Performance

Disk Subsystem
Network Subsystem

Managing Device Drivers

Device Drivers Overview
Driver Signing
Driver Rollback
File Signature Verification
Best Practices with Drivers

Managing Disks

Managing Disks Overview
Partitions Overview
Creating Partitions
Converting Disks
Creating Volumes
Importing a Foreign Disk
Changing Drive Letters

Managing Data Storage

File Compression
File Encryption
Disk Quotas

Managing Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Defined
Parts of a Disaster Recovery Plan
Backing Up Data and System State Data
Restoring and Advanced Backup Options
Volume Shadow Copies
Safe Mode vs. Last Known Good Configuration
The Recovery Console

Managing Software Update Services

Software Update Services
Server Requirements and Installation
SUS Tools
SUS and Group Policy
Backing Up SUS

Preparation for the 70-290 Test

Preparation for for the Test
The Day of the Test


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