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Microsoft Windows NT 4 Server Installation Tutorial

Microsoft Windows NT 4 Server is a very popular server. Not only is it convenient to use, it is also a stable operating system. NT 4 is excellent in running applications. It has a graphical user environment, allows desktop configuration, is capable of multitasking, and has a large load capacity. In Virtual Training Company's NT 4 Server Installation tutorial, author Louis DiPaola makes installation seem amazingly easy. After teaching you how to install, he explains configuring the control panel utilities, setting up sharing and security, and more. Go ahead and begin to learn by clicking the topic of your choice below.

Windows NT Basics

Introduction to NT Server
Comparisons between NT Server
Server Types (PDC)
NT Architecture
Task Bar Properties
NT Security Box
NT Login

Windows NT Installation

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Hardware Compatibility
Installation Issues (Server Type
Installation Methods (CD
Installation: Menu Mode
Installation: GUI Mode
Automatic Installations
Making Unattend.txt
Network Installation
Enabling Plug and Play
Installing Multimedia Devices (Audio)
Service Pack Purpose

Configuration Using the Control Panel Utilities

Overview of Utilities for System Configuration
Installing and Configuring Communication Devices
Display Properties and Drivers
Keyboard and Mouse Configurations
Adding and Configuring Multimedia Devices
Network: Gateway Services
Network: Configuring Protocols
Network: TCP/IP Adapters
Network: DNS & Hosts
Network: Wins & Lmhosts
Network: DHCP Relay and Routing
Network: Configuring Adapters and Bindings
Adding and Configuring SCSI devices
Server Utility
Controlling Services
System: General and Performance Tabs
System: Environmental and Startup Tabs
System: User and Hardware Profile Tabs
Installing and Configuring Tape Devices
UPS Installation
Configuring Gateway Services for NetWare

Printing with NT

Adding Printers
Setting Print Priorities
Implementing Printer Pooling
Scheduling Print Jobs
Printer Security
Printer Separator Pages
Additional Printer Configurations
Fixing Printer Problems

Disk Administrator

Introduction to Disk Administrator
FAT versus NTFS
Creating Partitions
Assigning Drive Letters
Formatting Partitions
Deleting Partitions
RAID Levels
RAID Level 0: Disk Striping
RAID Level 1: Mirroring and Duplexing
RAID Level 5: Disk Striping with Parity
Formatting Fault Tolerant Drives
Regenerating Data Using RAID Level 5
Creating and Extending Volumes
Conversion from FAT to NTFS

Setting Up Sharing and Security Using NT Explorer

Sharing Resources
File Permissions and Shares
Auditing File Access
Permission Changes When Copying and Moving Files

Remote Access Server (RAS)

Overview of RAS
RAS Protocols
Installation and Configuration of RAS
Configuring RAS Permissions
Configuring Dial-up Networking (DUN)
Using the Phonebook Wizard to Add Entries
Configuring DUN for Credit Card Usage
Troubleshooting RAS
Removing RAS Components

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