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Microsoft Windows IIS 4 Tutorial

IIS 4 (Internet Information Server) is Microsoft's premier web server. It includes WWW service, File Transfer Protocol service (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service (SMTP) that allows email transfers, and Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) service that allows you to set up news groups. IIS 4 gives you many options, such as a certificate server, an index server that allows search options, a site server express that helps in analyzing a site, and a transaction server that provides secure connections. In Virtual Training Company's tutorial, author Louis DiPaola uses the sample web site that can be installed with IIS 4 to better explain how the system works. He first teaches you how to install the option pack, and then thoroughly explains the many server options in great detail. He even goes over some helpful tips for taking the Microsoft certification test. You can start learning immediately by clicking one of the topics below.

Introduction to IIS4

Introduction to IIS4
Hardware and Software Requirements

Installation of Option Pack

Locating Option Pack
CD Startup and Service Pack Install
IE Installation
IIS4 Installation
Changes in Services after IIS4 Installation
Changes in Administrative Tools
The Metabase

WWW Service

Introduction to WWW Service
Web Site Tab
Home Directory Tab
Security Tab
Custom Errors Tab
HTTP Headers Tab
Documents and Operators Tabs
ISAPI and Performance Tabs
Managing Using HTML
Making a Virtual Directory
Making a Virtual Server

FTP Service

Introduction to FTP
Using FTP
Configuration Pages: FTP Site Tab
Configuration Pages: Security Tabs
Configuration Pages: Messages Tab
Configuration Pages: Home directory Tab
Enhancing Security by Adjusting Ports
Virtual FTP Directory
Making a Virtual FTP Server

SMTP Server

Introduction to SMTP
Configuration and Site and Operators Tabs
SMTP Site and Operators Tabs
Messages and Delivery Tabs
Security Tab

NNTP Server

Introduction to NNTP
Home and Directory Tabs
Security Tabs
Groups and NNTP Settings Tabs
Connecting to NNTP

Transaction Server

Introduction to MTS
Checking Your Database & ODBC Data Source
Monitoring with Transaction Server

Index Server

Introduction to Index Server
Making a New Catalog
Making a New Directory
Forcing a Scan
Forcing a Merge
Adjusting Cache
Adding to the Noise Word File
IS Registry Settings

Certificate Server

Introduction to SSL and Certificate Server
Configuring SSL on WWW
Manually Obtaining a Key
Configuring SSL on SMTP
Configuring SSL on NNTP
Using Certificate Server to Revoke a Digital Key
Client Authentication Certificate
Certificate Request and Installation
Accessing a Site Requiring a Client Certificate


Importance of Scripting
Introduction to Script Debugger
Installing and Starting Script Debugger

Site Server Express

Introduction to Site Server Express
Using Content Analyzer
Using WebMaps
Making and Interpreting a WebMap Report
Report Writer

Site Security and Protection

Introduction to Security
Services and Bindings
NTFS Conversion
NTFS Permissions

Troubleshooting and Performance

Introduction to Troubleshooting
Event Viewer
Performance Monitor Counters
Performance Monitor Log
Fine Tuning IIS4

Further Study and Testing

Introduction to The IIS4 Resource Kit
Microsoft Testing Tips

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