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Microsoft Windows 95 (Basics) Tutorial

Windows 95 is the operating system that set the standard for all of Microsoft's subsequent operating systems. Even though it is an older OS, learning it would help understand the evolution of the Microsoft OS. Windows 95 has many useful features, such as easy Internet access and multitasking. It also installs easily with few hardware requirements and has comprehensive compatibility. With Windows 95, you can set up a network, configure hardware, and even uninstall programs automatically. If you are a beginner, this training is perfect for you. Author Damienne Fitzpatrick takes you painlessly through the aspects of Windows 95, including folders, files, and many accessories like WordPad and Paint. Virtual Training Company allows you to get started learning right away by simply clicking on one of the movies below.

Play Me First

Play Me First

Getting Started

What Is Windows 95?
Whats New?
Add & Remove Components
Using a Mouse
Using The Keyboard
The Start Button
Shut Down
Getting Help

Windows Interface

Your First Glimpse
Desktop & Taskbar
What Is a Window?
Moving & Scrolling Windows
Window Buttons
Multiple Windows
Menu Commands
Shortcut Menus
Dialog Boxes
Dialog Box Controls

The Basics

My Computer - An Overview
Explorer An Overview
Introducing Disk Drives
Introducing Folders
Introducing Files

Organizing Folders & Files

Create & Open a Folder
Copy & Mo
Delete & The Recycle Bin
Multiple Selections

Working With Files

Open a Program File
Create a Document File
Open a Document File
Creating Text
Selection Techniques
Cut, Copy & Paste
Navigating a Document
Close & Exit
View With Quick View
Sharing Via OLE - An Overview
Sharing Via OLE - Continued
Copy a File To Disk


What Is Explorer?
Opening Explorer
The Explorer Window
Open & Close Folders
Display & Sort
Resizing Columns
Create Shortcuts In Explorer
Explorer Menu Commands


Accessories - An Overview
The WordPad Accessory
WordPad - Paragraph Formats
WordPad - Alignment
WordPad - Tabs
WordPad - Find and Replace
The Character Map

Accessories 2

The Paint Accessory
Paint - Selection Techniques
Paint - Erasing
Paint - Lines
Paint - Shapes
Paint - Color and Texture
Paint - Adding Text
The Calculator
The FreeCell Game


Install/Remove Printer
The Default Printer
Selecting a Printer
Printing a Job
The Print Queue
Pausing the Printer
Cancelling a Print Job
Change the Print Order
Check the Details

Backing Up

Backing Up Basics
Partial Back Up
Backing Up File Sets
Restore Backed Up Files

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