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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tutorial

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is a complete toolset that simplifies application development for individuals or teams, allowing the delivery of scalable, high-quality applications. Whether writing code, building databases, testing, or debugging, you can increase your productivity using powerful tools that work the way you work. In this course, author Mark Long demonstrates and explains many of the new features and functionalities of Visual Studio 2010. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Overview
History of Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2010 Versions

Getting Started with Visual Studio 2010

Getting Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2010 System Requirements
Choosing a Language
Installing Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio Basics

Start Up Options
Importing & Exporting Settings
Hello World!
Solutions & Projects

What's New in Visual Studio 2010

Appearance & Behavior
Window Docking
Coding Improvements
Debugging DataTips
Debugging Breakpoint Labels
Project Targeting
Start Page Improvements
Visual Basic Power Packs
Visual Basic Enhancements pt. 1
Visual Basic Enhancements pt. 2
C# Enhancements
Visual F#

Programming with Visual Studio 2010

Data Access & Modeling
Web Development
WPF & Silverlight Development
Cloud Computing Tools
Source Control
Configuring Source Control
Application Framework pt. 1
Application Framework pt. 2

Working in Visual Studio 2010

Solution Properties
Project Properties
Managing the Solution Explorer
Code Editor
Code Regions
Managing the Toolbox
Adding Tools
Code Snippets
Searching for Stuff pt. 1
Searching for Stuff pt. 2
Using GhostDoc
Task List

Visual Studio Tools

Refactoring in C# & VB.NET
Refactoring Demo
Using Third Party Add-Ins
Working with Classes
Class Designer

Server Explorer & Data Connections

Server Explorer
Database Basics
AdventureWorksLT Sample Database
Database Connections
Database Diagrams
Understanding DataSets
Binding Data to Controls pt. 1
Binding Data to Controls pt. 2

Windows Forms

Form Design Basics
Form Design Preferences
Adding Controls

Course Wrap-Up

Course Wrap-Up


About the Author

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