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Microsoft Visual C# .NET Tutorial

Microsoft Visual C# .NET programming is part of the comprehensive tool set for creating XML Web services and Microsoft .NET-connected applications for Windows and the Web using the component-oriented C# development language. author Brian Maxx will guide you through the starting steps of C# development, as well as moving into more detailed projects as the course moves ahead. This title also comes with plenty of Work Files to use in sharpening your C# programming skills. To begin learning today, simply click on the Microsoft Visual C# .NET links.


About this Course
C# & .NET

The .Net Solution

About the .Net Framework
The Common Language Runtime
.NET Types
Working with Namespaces
Browsing .NET Namespaces
Working in Visual Studio.NET Pt.1
Working in Visual Studio.NET Pt.2
Using the Command-Line Compiler
Creating a Console Application

Jumping Into C#

A Minimum C# Class
Adding Classes to Projects
Aspects of an Application
Some Language Fundamentals
A Visual Studio .Net Example

Data & Value Types

Declaring & Initializing Variables
Declaring Member Access
Signed & Unsigned Types
CLS-Compliant Types
Type Converting
System.Convert Classes
System.Convert Shortcuts
Formatting Type Output
Arithmetic Operations

Reference Types & More

Value & Reference Types
Boxing & Unboxing
String Reference Types

Classes & Objects

Defining Classes Pt.1
Defining Classes Pt.2
Methods & Passing Parameters
Creating & Destroying Objects
Member Access Modifiers & Scope
Overloading Methods & Constructors
Static Methods & Fields Pt.1
Static Methods & Fields Pt.2

Enums & Structures

Enums (Enumerations)
Working with Enums Pt.1
Working with Enums Pt.2
Struct Constructors

Core Programming

Statements & Blocks
for Loops
foreach/in Loops
while & do while Loops
Relational & Equality Operators
if/else Statements
Switch Statements
Exception Handling
try/catch & finally
Multipe Catches & More

Working With Strings

.NET Strings
Strings/Length & Case
Concatenate & StringBuilder
More StringBuilder
Clone/Copy & CopyTo
Substrings/Trim & Pad Pt.1
Substrings/Trim & Pad Pt.2
GetType/Equality & Compare
Regular Expressions Pt.1
Regular Expressions Pt.2

Delegates & Events

A Complete Delegate Example

Windows Applications

Using System.Windows.Forms
Minimum Windows Applications Pt.1
Minimum Windows Applications Pt.2
A Visual Studio .NET Example Pt.1
A Visual Studio .NET Example Pt.2
Visual Studio.NET Design
Application Class Pt.1
Application Class Pt.2
The Digital Clock Example
Working with Flash Objects
Working with Windows Media
An Advanced Example

Core Programming In Use

Interfaces Pt.1
Interfaces Pt.2
Defining Arrays
Using Arrays
Stacks & Queues

Object Oriented Techniques

Base Classes & Base Keyword
Abstract Clases
Object - The Root of all Classes
Nesting Classes

File System I/O & Streams

System.IO Overview
Directories & File Classes

Namespaces & Assemblies

Using Assemblies & Namespaces
Class Library DLLs Pt.1
Class Library DLLs Pt.2
Private vs. Global Assemblies
Global Assembly Cache Pt.1
Global Assembly Cache Pt.2
Global Assembly Cache Pt.3

Data Access (ADO.NET & XML)

ADO.NET Architecture
Accessing Data
Data Grids & More AD.NET
Working with XML Documents
Reading XML Documents
XMLTextReader Example Pt.1
XMLTextReader Example Pt.2
Writing XML Documents

Web Applications

ASP.NET Introduction
Setting Up ASPX Pages
Working with Web Forms
Embedded Scripts & Events
ViewState & Postbacks
Web Controls (Calender)
Our CodeBehind Examples

Web Services

Consuming Web Services
Building Web Services

Graphics Programming

System.Drawing Namespaces
Drawing Graphics
Our Graphic View Explained
Coding Out Graphic Viewer Pt.1
Coding Out Graphic Viewer Pt.2
Coding Out Graphic Viewer Pt.3

Wrap Up

You Made It!


About this Author

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