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Microsoft Visual Basic for Access Tutorial

Microsoft Visual Basic for Access is actually the language that is part of Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, author Mike Haines explains VBA in the context of Access. He teaches you the concept of event programming, code control structures, variables and constants, and much more. Start becoming familiar with VBA now by clicking one of the links below.


VBA Basics
VBA and the Development Environment
Event Programming pt. 1
Event Programming pt. 2
Event Programming pt. 3
Event Programming pt. 4
Event Programming pt. 5
Event Programming pt. 6
Using Events
VBA Variables
Control Structures


Intro to Modules
Creating a Module
A Sub Routine
Validate Using a Function

Communicating with the User

User Interaction
MsgBox and Input Box pt. 1
MsgBox and Input Box pt. 2
Validating Using ON_CHANGE pt. 1
Validating Using ON_CHANGE pt. 2
"Live" Calculations pt. 1
"Live" Calculations pt. 2
"Live" Calculations pt. 3
Captions and Status Bar Properties
The Registry-Writing
The Registry-Retrieving

Error Trapping and De-Bugging

Error Trapping and De-Bugging
Programming the On_Error
In-Line Error Trapping

Multiple Form Applications

Multiple Form Applications
Forms Switchboard
The Forms Collection
The Dirty Property
Conditional Opening

The ActiveX-Calendar Control

The ActiveX-Calendar Control
Setting Up
Passing Data
Writing Generic Code


Looping Through Form Controls
Looping and Tags
More Looping

Programming GUI Controls

Programming GUI Controls
Combo Boxes-Intro
Combo Boxes-Using
Check Boxes

Data Access Objects

Introducing Data Access Objects
Counting Records
Using a Select Statemet
Archiving Records
Deleting Records

Unbound Forms

Unbound Forms
Front End Preparation
Object Scope
Buttons pt. 1
Buttons pt. 2
Adding a Record
Editing a Record
Deleting a Record
Cancel a Change
Moving Around

DAO Practical Applications

DAO Practical Applications
Locating Records pt. 1
Locating Records pt. 2
Locating Records pt. 3
Locating Records pt. 4
Tracking Used Records pt. 1
Tracking Used Records pt. 2
Tracking Used Records pt. 3
Tracking Used Records pt. 4

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