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Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Advanced Tutorial

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 is a versatile language, usable for business applications, database interface, gaming applications, and even for presentations. In Virtual Training Company's Visual Basic 6 Advanced tutorial, Professor Arthur Lee will take your Visual Basic skills to the next level by showing you multiple form projects, code for multiple forms, sequential forms, and much more. Begin to expand your knowledge of Visual Basic now by clicking on one of the topics below.

Multiple Form Projects

Single vs. Multiple forms
Start-up Object
Unload vs. Hide
About form template
Removing forms

Code for multiple forms

Writing code for multiple forms
Common errors
.BAS module & Sub Main

The List Box and Combo Box controls

Which to use: List box or Combo box?
Entering items into the list
ListIndex, ListCount and Sorted properties
Code to alter the list; Change, LostFocus events
RemoveItem, Clear methods
AddItem; Preventing user erros


Do - Loops (pre-test vs. post-test)
For - Next Loops
Nexted Loops
Avoiding problems with loops

Control Arrays

Creating an array of command buttons
The Index Property
Problems with control arrays
Another control array demo
Using loops with control arrays
The Case structure & control arrays

Printing output

PrintForm vs. Printer.Print method
Print zones, TAB, SPC functions
Changing font properties while printing
Printing within a loop (List/Combo box lists)
Using CurrentX and CurrentY methods to print

Miscellaneous Items

Common Dialog Control
OLE (Object Linking Embedding)
Mouse Events
Mouse Pointer shape
Automatic DragDrop

Database Access

Database Overview
Data Control Properties
Creating navigational buttons
Adding/Deleting records
Searching the database

Sequential Files

Demo of Sequential File Program
Form Load Event (retrieving the data file)
Writing data to the file (saving)
Add, Remove, Clearing items
Form Unload Event

Random Files

Overview, .BAS module for Random File
Opening & accessing the file
Calling procedures
Add records procedure
Delete records procedure
Update/Browse procedure; Conclusion of Demo

Compiling and Distributing the application

Project Options Properties
Compiling options; Executable files
The Package & Deployment Wizard
The Deployment steps
The Uninstall option


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