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Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Tutorial

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 is a versatile language, usable for business applications, database interface, gaming applications, and even for presentations. Professor Arthur Lee authors this Virtual Training Company tutorial. He begins by introducing code and the controls needed in Visual Basic. Learn all about variables, debugging, and creating menus, as well. To get started now, click below on the topic of your choice.

Introduction and Getting Started

Introduction & Visual Basic Overview
The VB 6 Environment (window orientation)
The VB 6 Environment (placing controls on form)
The First Project (Hello World)
Writing Code
Modifications to Hello World
Saving and Running the Project
Common errors, Debugging
Code Window Views
Naming Rules and conventions for controls
Form Properties (startup position, window state, Visible)

More Controls and Code

Text Box vs. Label
Frames with Options Buttons & Check Boxes
Images (using graphical images on the form)
Multiple Control manipulation
User-Friendly Features (Access keys, Tab Index)
User-Friendly Features (default, cancel properties)
Tab Stop, Focus, Max Length, Tool Tips
Code for user convenience (clearing text boxes, labels, Set Focus)
VB color Constants, Font object, With-End With Coding
Demo of Name & Address Maker-User Perspective
Demo of Name & Address Maker-Programmer Perspective

Variables and Code for Calculations

What is variable?
Variables vs. Constants
Data Types supported by VB
Naming rules and conventions for Variables: Option Explicit
The VAL Function and Calculations
Putting it together - Book Sales Program (part 1)
Formatting for output
Accumulating & Module-Level Variables
Book Sales Program (Wrap up)
Another Demo - Shipping Charges

Coding Decision (IF-Else)

Project Overview - Coffee Sales
Variables; IF - THEN - ELSE statements
Using IF Statements with the MsgBox Function
Clear button with message boxes
The CALL Statement
Other options with message boxes
Another demonstration program - More data validation
UCase/Lease functions

Debugging, Immediate Window, Stand-alone Projects

Using Breakpoints; Stepping through code
Using the Immediate Window
Common Errors and Things to Avoid
Using the Object Browser
The Form Icon; Creating an Executable Project (.EXE file)

Other Event Procedures

MsgBox vs. the Input Box
Click and Change Events
GotFocus/LostFocus Events
KeyPress and Mouse Events
Form Load and Form Activate Events
More on LostFocus, SetFocus and the Visible Property
Miscellaneous Form Properties
Validate Event

Creating Menus

The Menu Editor
Creating Submenus and Flyout Menus
More menu options
Adding and About Form with a Menu item
Adding a menu to an existing Project
Wrapping up the menu demo (enabled property)


About the Author

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