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Microsoft Visual Basic 4 Tutorial

Microsoft Visual Basic 4 is a versatile language, usable for business applications, database interface, gaming applications, and even for presentations. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial, David Steer begins by introducing the user interface and the code needed in Visual Basic. He will then teach you about objects and forms, and many different controls, as well. This tutorial includes an example that corresponds to each chapter. To get started now, click below on the topic of your choice.

User Interface & Coding

Project Organization
Visual Basic Interface
Running a VB Application
Coding Conventions

Objects, Properties etc.

Classes & Instances


The Mainform - Form1
Change a Forms Properties
Using a Forms Events
Calling other Forms
Create Instances of a Form

Using Controls

Selecting the Controls
Moving and Sizing Control
Change Control Properties
Finding a Controls Events
Deleting Controls

Input & Output Controls

TextBox control
Label control
HScrollBar control
VScrollBar control

Button Controls

CommandButton control
Check Box control
OptionButton control

User Choice Controls

ListBox Control
ComboBox Control

Database Controls

Data Control
DBList Control
DBComboBox Control
Creating Databases
DBGrid Control

Visual Controls

PictureBox Control
Image Control
Frame Control
Shape Control
Line Control

Common Operation Controls

CommonDialog Control
DriveListBox Control
DirListBox Control
FileListBox Control

Miscellaneous Controls

OLE Control (Embedding)
OLE Control (Linking)
Timer control


Variable Types
Declaring Variables


Case Statements


DO WHILE loops


Creating Control Arrays
Using Control Arrays

Example Application - Pt. 1

Creating a Start Up Window
Saving Your Work
Adding Password Protection
Creating a Main Window

Example Application - Pt. 2

Add Data Control
Add DBList Control
Add Icon

Example Application - Pt. 3

Adding Help Bubbles
Fancy Help Bubbles
Animated Help Bubbles

Example Application - Pt. 4

Add Icon
Add Item Selection
Polish Item Selection

Example Application - Pt. 5

Create Dispatch Form
Create Instances
Add Print and Exit

... If it doesnt work

Debug Window (Immediate)
Debug Window (Watch)

Distributing Applications

Distribution Discs
Install Your Application

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