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Microsoft Visio 2002 Tutorial

If you need help creating exciting diagrams for your next presentation, Microsoft's Visio 2002 is the solution. Let Virtual Training Company instructor Pravah Pugh show you how to make Visio make your business much easier. He will help you begin a new diagram, then work you through the necessary steps to make it better. He covers the linking of shapes with connectors, working with text, creating custom reports, creating floor and site plans, and much more. Get started today! Simply click one of the topics below.

Beginning with Visio

Course Overview
Visio Concepts
Navigating Visio
Assistance for the New User
Panning and Zooming
The Drawing Explorer and Stencils

Beginning a Diagram

Understanding Shapes
Shape Placement
Shape Formatting
Working with Pages

Linking Shape with Connectors

Understanding Connectors
Connector Placement
Connection Points and Glue
Changing Connector Behaviour

Working With Text

Understanding Text
Manipulating Text
Formatting Text
Callouts and Annotating Drawings
Page Presentation
Searching Text and Spell Check

Managing and Using Visio Output

Saving Visio Diagrams
Protecting Visio Diagrams
Page Setup and Print Preview
Printing Shapes and Pages
Printing Large Diagrams
Linking and Embedding with Visio
Importing and Exporting with Visio

Data and Diagrams

Using Custom Properties
Managing Custom Properties
Using Visio Reports
Creating Custom Reports
Exporting to a Database
Linking to a Database

Precision Working in Visio

Working to Scale (1)
Working to Scale (2)
Grids and Snapping
Relative Alignment

Customizing Visio

Drawing Tools
Drawing in 1-D
Drawing in 2-D

Business Forms/Charts and Maps

Business Forms
Charts and Graphs
Marketing Diagrams

Relationship and Process Mapping

Block Diagrams
Organization Charts
Basic Flowcharts
Other Flowcharts

Projecting Management

Calendars and PERT Charts
Gantt Charts

Network Diagrams

Creating Diagrams (1)
Creating Diagrams (2)
Customizing Shapes
Using Multiple Pages
Equipment Reporting and Tracking

Floor and Site Plans

Adding Exterior Walls
Doors/Windows & Fit Out


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