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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Development Tutorial

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 relational database management server is the heart of a comprehensive data platform that provides access and managment of the business critcal data that powers business. In this course, Microsoft Certified Trainer Mark Long introduces you to the basics of SQL Server 2008 Database Development. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Overview
SQL Server Basics
Getting Hands On
Microsoft SQL Certifications
SQL Server Editions
SQL Server Developer

Getting Set Up

Hardware Requirements
SQL Server Instances
SQL Server Components
Service Accounts
Installing SQL Server 2008 pt. 1
Installing SQL Server 2008 pt. 2
Installing SQL Server 2008 pt. 3
SQL Authentication Modes
Installing Sample Databases pt. 1
Installing Sample Databases pt. 2

Database Design

Database Types
Normalization Benefits
Database Diagrams
Systematic Database Design
Designing Database Objects

Tables & Views

Table Basics
Creating a Table pt. 1
Creating a Table pt. 2
Creating a Table pt. 3
Data Types
Unicode Basics
New Data Types In 2008
Character Types
Exact Numerics
Approximate Numeric Types
Date & Time
Null or Not Null
Primary Key
Foreign Key
Candidate Key

Retrieving Data

The Select Statement
Column Aliases
Joining Tables pt. 1
Joining Tables pt. 2
Scalar Functions

Modifying Data

Inserting Data
Updating Data
Deleting Data
Output Clause
Merge Clause

Managing Transactions

Understanding Transactions
Explicit Transactions
Transaction Isolation Levels

Programming Objects

Understanding Views
Indexed Views
Understanding Stored Procs
Creating Stored Procs
Using Parameters
Temporary Tables
Common Table Expressions
Table Variables
Temp Common or Table
Dynamic SQL


Understanding Indexes
Indexing Guidelines
Clustered or Non-Clustered
Creating Indexes
Monitoring Indexes

Course Wrap-Up

Course Wrap-Up


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