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Microsoft Publisher 2007 Tutorial

Microsoft Publisher 2007 is one of the most robust upgrades in years. With its easy to use interface and advanced set of creative tools, users will be able to create web sites, forms, business cards, flyers, calendars, greeting cards, signs, posters, email marketing campaigns and much much more! Pre-designed templates allow users to create professional files that can be printed locally, packed for a commercial printer, emailed or uploaded to the Web. This useful "how to" course by Microsoft Office expert Melanie Hedgespeth, uses practical examples for both home and business users. Work Files are included. To get started learning Microsoft Publisher 2007, click on one of the movie links.

* Captions not available on CD version.

Introducing Publisher 2007

Course Introduction
Getting Publisher 2007 on Your PC
Publication Possibilities

Publisher 2007 Foundation

Office Window Elements
Publisher Desktop Elements
Working with Toolbars
Using Rulers and Guides
More with Rulers

Getting He|p

Microsoft Office He|p
Office Online
Publisher Tasks

Creating and Managing a New Publication

Planning and Preparation
Program and File Basics
Make a Publication
Task Pane Options
Working with Objects
File Management

Working With Text

Creating a Text Box
Adding Text
Editing Text
Formatting Text Boxes
More Formatting Options
Working with Text Boxes
Linking Text Boxes
More Linking Options
Find and Replace Text

Text Enhancements

Bullets and Numbering
Text and Character Spacing
Drop Caps and Reverse Text

Formatting Publications

Page Formatting
Working with Pages
Headers and Footers


Inserting Tables
Manipulating Tables
Merging Cells
Table Formatting
More with Tables


About Graphics in Publisher
Adding Pictures
Adding ClipArt
More with ClipArt
Picture Placeholders
Digital Camera Pictures
Graphics and the Content Library
Copy and Paste Graphics
Design Gallery Objects
Positioning Graphics
Manipulating Graphics
More Manipulation Techniques
Using the Picture Toolbar
Wrapping Text Around Graphics
Drawing Tools
More Drawing Tools
AutoShapes pt. 1
AutoShapes pt. 2

Publisher Efficiency Elements

Content Library
Master Pages
Design Checker
Templates pt. 1
Templates pt. 2
Templates pt. 3
Make Your Own Template
Modify Your Template

Mail Merge

About Mail Merge
Mail Merge Letters pt. 1
Mail Merge Letters pt. 2
Mail Merge Letters pt. 3
Mail Merge Envelopes
Editing Address Lists pt. 1
Editing Address Lists pt. 2
Editing Address Lists pt. 3
Email Merge
Catalog Merge
Mail Merge Labels
Mail Merge Postcards

Printing and Distribution

Printing Basics
Pack & Go


Planning a Site
Creating Your Website
Editing Text
Task Pane Options
Web Tools Toolbar
Forms pt. 1
Forms pt. 2
Web Site Hosting

Publications Step by Step

Gift Tag Labels
Return Address Labels
CD/DVD Labels
Greeting Cards
Business Cards

Wrap Up

Tutorial Wrap Up

About the Author


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