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Microsoft Publisher 2003 Tutorial

Publisher 2003 is a comprehensive solution for creating a wide variety of publications for desktop printing, commercial printing, e-mail distribution, or viewing on the Web. Create a comprehensive selection of business publications using new wizards, such as the Easy Web Site Builder and the E-Mail Newsletter wizard. Or, create print publications, including brochures, newsletters, postcards, CD or DVD labels, and other publications. Create personal publications using an expanded collection of templates, including personal stationery sets and professionally designed greeting cards and invitations. Automatically create a publication that merges pictures and text from a data source (like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access) using Catalog Merge to create publications ranging from a datasheet to a sophisticated catalog. Author Kate J. Chase guides you through this comprehensive tutorial, showing you all the possible benefits of this powerful Microsoft program. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Publisher 2003 lessons.

An Introduction To Publisher 2003

Publisher 2003 Overview
Types of Publications You Can Design
Support Your Work with Publisher
Important Features in Publisher
Touring Publisher Pt.1
Touring Publisher Pt.2
Some Publisher Basics

Installing & Troubleshooting Publisher 2003

Requirements for Installing Publisher
Installing Publisher
Troubleshooting Publisher

Getting Assistance With Publisher 2003

Ask a Question for Assistance
The Publisher Assistance Menu
Table of Contents and Office Assistant
Using the Office Assistant
Microsoft Office Online

Getting Started With Publisher 2003

Launching Publisher & the Wizards
Starting a New Publication
Save a File
About Savable File Types
Rename or Delete a File
Locate Publisher Files
Open a Publisher File
Simple Printing
Concept of Pack and Go

Customizing Publisher

An Overview
About Menus & Toolbars
Customizing Toolbars
Adding a Custom Toolbar
Change Default Storage Location
Setting Personal Information
More on Personal Information
Establishing File Recovery
Customizing Additional Usage Options
Enlarging and Reducing

Planning Your Work

For Best Results
Checklist for Planning
Choosing Your Content Pt.1
Choosing Your Content Pt.2
Create a Logo
Creating a Collection of Artwork
Create a Custom Color Scheme
Are Templates For You?
Concept of Master Pages
Adding Page Numbers

Building A First Publication

An Introduction
Choosing from Publication Types
The Major Steps Pt.1
The Major Steps Pt.2
Adding/Removing/Moving Pages
Evaluating Final Product

Working With Text

Introduction to Working with Text
About Formatting
Adding and Modifying
Moving/Resizing & Removing Text
Linking Text Boxes
Creating Columns Pt.1
Creating Columns Pt.2
Fitting Text
Creating Lists
Importing Word Documents

Adding & Modifying Artwork

Artwork Overview
Adding Picture Holders
Modifying Pictures
Adding Pictures From a Scanner
Adding Pictures From a Camera
Finding Clip Art
Adding Captions
Using WordArt
Working with AutoShapes
Drawing Lines and Shapes

Formatting & Customizing In Publisher

Formatting Essentials
Formatting Text
Formatting Artwork
Working with Font Schemes
Working with Color Schemes
Adding Tables
Manipulating Tables
Formattng Tables

Design Gallery Objects

Introduction to Design Gallery
Choosing Design Gallery Options
Formatting Design Gallery Objects

Common Publications Using Wizards

Building a Newsletter
Making a Banner
Creating a Brochure
Creating an Envelope
Drafting a Resume
Starting a Catalog
Working with a Business Form
Making a Label

Creating Publications From Scratch

Introduction to Working from Scratch
Starting with an Idea
Making Changes
Reviewing the Finished Product

Creating A Web Site With Publisher 2003

Web Site Creation
Creating a Site
Reviewing your Options
Adding Text
Adding Web Forms
Publish Your Site

Sharing Publisher Creations

About Sharing Your Work
Sending Files Through Email
Saving for Those Who Don’t Use Publisher
Taking it to the Printer

Additional Tools

Using Design Checker
Using Spell Checker
Employing Pack and Go
Using Your Scratch Area
Speech and Handwriting Recognition
Catalog and Mail Merge


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