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Microsoft Publisher 2002 Tutorial

Microsoft Publisher 2002 helps you easily create, customize, and publish materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, calendars, and Web sites for the office or home. Learn to publish easily on your desktop printer, at a copy shop or commercial print shop, or directly to the Web. Linda Young is your instructor in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. She will guide you in planning your documents, including set-up, creating your own publications, creating logos, and inserting documents. It all becomes simple as she takes you step by step through using the newsletter wizard, web publishing, creating a business cards from scratch, and much more. To get started right away, just click one of the topics below.

Getting Acquainted

Key Features
Standard Features
Improved Features
About This Course

The Publisher Environment

Express Tour: Part 1
Express Tour: Part 2
Working With Toolbars
The Wizards

Planning Your Document

Getting Started
Document Setup
File Preparation

Creating Publications

Learning Overview
Create a Publication
Blank Page Design
Existing Publications
Construct a Template
Word Document

The Design Gallery

How it Works
Add an Item
Create a Logo
Insert an Object
Add Your Design Set

Customize Publisher

Learning Overview
Customize Toolbar
Create Custom Toolbar
Delete a Toolbar
Customize Workspace: Part 1
Customize Workspace: Part 2
Zoom In/Out

Creating a Newsletter

Lesson Objectives
Pre-publishing Activities
Newsletter Wizard
Add Page Content
Adding Text
Include Graphics
Adjust Document
Add a Page
Delete a Page
Convert to Web Page
Publish to Web
Pack & Go

Spelling and Grammar

Check Your Spelling
Set Options
Find Text in Page
Find & Replace Text

Web Site Basics

Lesson Objectives
Web Publishing
Working With Graphics
Finding Graphics
Clip Art Organizer
Plan Your Site
Web Wizard
Open Existing Site
Blank WebPages

Creating a Web Site

Set Options
Design Home Page
Insert Graphics
Resize Graphics
Crop a Graphic
Adjust Color
Format Picture
Add Text
Format Text
Insert New Page
Set Page Options
Preview Web Site

Hyperlinks & Publishing

Create a Link
Change Destination
Choose Link Color
Create External Link
Create e-mail Link
Add a Bookmark
Delete Links
Test Links
Set Web Options
Troubleshoot Problems
Publish Your Site


Lesson Objectives
Create Brochure
Set Options
Personal Info Set
Add Information Set
Insert Information Set
Format Text
More Formatting
Adjust Graphics
Order Forms
Review Brochure
Convert to Web
Convert to Print
Print Brochure

Creating Business Cards

Lesson Objectives
Create Business Card
Set Options
Create from Scratch
Add Background
Print Cards
Template Gallery

Web Forms

Lesson Objectives
Create Blank Form
Add Components
Set Properties
Pre-designed Form
Preview Web Forms

Mail Merge

About Mail Merge
Web Wizard: Part 1
Web Wizard: Part 2
Create a List
More Mail Merge

Constructing Tables

Lesson Objectives
Create a Table
Copy a Table
Resize a Table
Rows & Columns
Adding Content
Format Table
Save as Web Page

Designing Resumes

Lesson Objectives
Types Of Resumes
Create a Resume
Insert Content
Create Borders
View Properties
E-mail Resume

Creating Special Effects

Lesson Objectives
Insert WordArt
Edit WordArt
Create Shadows
3D Effects

More Fun

Create a Banner
Greeting Cards
Design a Calendar
Produce Labels
Make an Airplane

Installation Guide

System Requirements
Install Publisher

Getting Help

Ask a Question
Office Assistant
Table Of Contents
Answer Wizard
Help Index
Help On the Web
Print Help Topic

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